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Re: need help for reducing or getting rid of hemotoma after lumpectomy
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: need help for reducing or getting rid of hemotoma after lumpectomy

hi Grizz thank you for your reply

I think maybe if you can answer my comments or questions while you are reading it and then use fck   or mce function when replying to color your replies in red or bold print then it will be easier for you to remember it all as so much in my posts if you do not mind

well I am leaving right now and will go through later when more time to see i anything else but just a few things for now.

I did paint breast today but did not know about coconut oil and just used the castor oil I had upstairs but have coconut oil downstairs to use for next time unless the castor oil is ok as I have a ton of it.

I also painted a little on one breast undiluted and on wrist to test.

I then got distracted sending email to son but glanced down after 45 minutes and all traces of it was gone so I certainly seem to be iodine deficient. I will repeat the spot test and see how long it takes.

Yes I am going to use iodine protocol for sure as very hopeful of it will be helping me in a plethora of ways along with other things like modified citrus pectin {mcp} (for metastasis, reduction of cell adhesion, reduction of angiogenesis, causing cancer cell death and detoxing heavy metals which I think I have a lot of due to many dental fillings and severe teeth-grinding) and a host of other things including Dr Schulze's incurables program but I am thinking that iodine and the mcp are some of the most valuable

And as said I am not doing what doctors said no mastectomy, radiation, chemo, hormones or others just the lumpectomy which I had two weeks ago with clear margins.

Things in the book resonated so much for me (the iodine crisis) and the way it kept coming back to me on odd ways made me know this was right and I feel for sure God helped me to find about iodine which I did not know about for all my years studying alternative health(35) to help me very much

I feel this is going to help a lot of things I have that it has cured in others and also been historically used for.

I had so many of these things and my problems actually started in the 70s when this instigator started with the removal of iodine and the bromide dominance thing I can definitely see a chance in my mood, weight, energy that did a complete reversal in the 70s so as if to confirm this is all true and what has caused a lot for things for me.

the book resonated with me so much, I knew I was iodine deficient and needed to be on this to see what happens even though the 300 mg scars me just a little but so many others did it and were fine I am sure I will be too..trapper said he takes far more and he is ok so I think that is just indoctrination over the years and I had understanding once Lynn explained how docs came to think and tell us that.

Seriously I have yet to see natural healing fail and I am totally one who does not do what docs say if I feel they are not right for me,..If I feel they are or a surgery like for deafness might help I will do it but generally I am used to throwing away their scripts and things. I believe this protocol is right for me and definitely going to do it or I would not have brought all the stuff and read the book etc,

I had wanted to make my own lygols before and watched a video and briefly looked at link you provided.

this was the video I watched but could not tell what he was using and the brand name to be sure I got the right stuff.

what I need are brand names for the two things you add as could not see i in the video on making lugol's I saw a while back and this way I know I have the right things, If you can provide the exact stuff I need to make lugol's and a few brand names (cheapest if possible) I will certainly make myself (I do have 3 or 4 bottles of lugol I already purchased and all the cofactors are here at home,.

yes I was referring to Lynn Farrow and her site that pay for the iodine loading free if you have breast xcancer and was already approved for the free test but have to use I think within 60 or 120 days(from 3 weeks ago) so was uncertain if I should do i first then start or wait till I had been on it a while to use the free test.

It sounds like you say start now but would it be ok to use the test at some point before it expires even though a year on iodine will not have passed as I want to help others too and just use the test since I can get it free and might try to do the bromide test too if not too much cash (I got a money gift form someone yesterday that I am still debating what to use it for) and get to talk to Dr Lynn mentions in the book  oh I forget his name one of the three doctors he talks to you for 5 minutes after you get results. (Fletcha or something)

would it take a year for it to saturate tissue and get rid of a lot of bromide if I took 300 mg a day?  I assume though it starts helping right away though even if not to perfect levels yet.

 I am do grateful for the research of people like you and Lynn and trapper etc and for finding out about this travesty perpetrated on the American public.

I even told the nurse practitioner draining my hematoma which is a lot better now btw that she drained about 300 cc of dried liquid blood and explained what it going on and while she did it I told her all about the facts and the book and all,

She, unlike the doctor who appears to hate alternative medicine and be very upset I am not doing chemo, seemed interested in what I had to say on this and why I chose the alternative route and my past success with it for others  I had like stopping heart attacks, helping others to reverse late stage kidney disease and other stuff.

Hopefully, she will not report me for "practicing medicine without a license":)

so when you say no sugar you are including I assume real grade b maple syrup which a few of the other things I am doing like Dr Schulze protocols and master cleanse involve..that is gonna be hard as I cant taste sugars due to what I was told is a zinc deficiency and use a good bit of natural sweeteners things like herb tea and stuff

So v8 might less the gastric upset of lugol's? anything else besides water?

Oh I thought I read one can take the lugol's at all once in am to prevent problems sleeping NO? It must be three times a day?

or is that to prevent the gastric upset spreading it out like that?

I am learning so much since cancer

Yes I did find some thermagram in Columbus but since the cancer in breast is gone and it is in the blood vessel of tumor they took out I would think I need the full o half body scan to detect if it may have spread and it is $350 I think and that is beyond my reach but you did not say if you thought ultrasound and blood test for markers is ok as substitute for mammogram as well

ketogenic? that is a lot of meat/fat right..I was doing mainly raw vegan (lower fat) with a lot of produce (mostly veggies)...Is this a requirement as many use raw and vegan to cure cancer...are you saying lugol's  will not help without it.

I cant seem to get ph alkaline even if I eat 90% produce..much of it raw.  Nothing seems to work and consistently low in hemoglobin, hemacrit, red and while blood cells and noone can tell me is not severe enough to figure it out they tell me but that was before cancer hen I nee a strong immune system.

I did make another apt with blood doctor to see if he can figure out why and how to raise these blood number form lab test for forever. Iron, folic, vit b etc did not help Dad had pernicious anemia and mom Mediterranean anemia.

someone very versed in vitamin c on here told me to take high dose (maybe to bowel tolerance) but doctor told me that is bad for cancer (she is a medical doctor but in the integrative medicine at OSU division so she is at least open to alternative health she said vit c makes you too acidic but the man who as into it on here said to take it with baking soda to lesson any acidity

do you know anything about all that or how I might improve my ph since eating the produce seems to do nothing..maybe I am not absorbing things as I did have a lot of undigested food in stool. I am trying to remember to take digestive enzymes but forget a lot as so much going on right now and I am so overwhelmed

I had emailed Lynn Farrow at her site three days ago on what she thought do I take iodine or test first or not but she has not replied to me yet I decided to email her after I had asked you these questions as was going to anyhow but just got delayed in it and typing to you motivated me to make sure I emailed her (before you told me what you thought in your latest post).

yes I did paint my breast today now that done with doctor draining breast and in fact did the previous night when I saw it went away so fast.

Definitely let me know about the brand names and exactly what I mix together to make lugol's and I will also read the links more when I get back late tonight.



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