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Re: need help for reducing or getting rid of hemotoma after lumpectomy
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: need help for reducing or getting rid of hemotoma after lumpectomy

Knowledge Seeker,
I assume you are discussing Lynne Farrow, author of the "Iodine Crises?" I know her well. Together she & I have helped a lot of people.

Tips to save you money:
1) Order all of your co-supplements from Amazon.Com, free shipping for orders > $30.
2) Make your own Lugols with one of the recipes included here will save you 90% on the cost. Make a quart of Lugols at a time:
For about $75 you can make $800 worth of Lugols.

If you decide to go with iodine, I have done all the research for you in this file:
Read it very carefully. it contains the very best of advice from the Iodine doctors and their documents.

Here are my thoughts:
Skip the Iodine loading test entirely, focus that money on getting well.
There is no point in taking the Iodine loading test - we know that you are severely iodine deficient because of the nodules & breast lump. If somebody wants to study your case, they should pay for ALL of your testing. Women nationwide are mostly iodine deficient unless they have been taking > 50mg of Lugols a day for over 2 years. It is a waste of money to test for what we already know. You might want to do the loading test for when you think you are optimum in iodine, in a year or two.

Definitely start the iodine protocol ASAP because every cell in your body requires iodine & you need to detox the bromide, fluoride & chlorine that have displaced iodine from your body. Your brain, breasts, thyroid, ovaries, uterus & hormones especially require iodine and lots of it. The Curezone Iodine Group recommends > 100mg a day of iodine just for optimal health.

IMO your number 1 goal should be to focus on curing your potential cancer. All other questions are trivial. Study "Cancer" in our testimonials:

I can't tell you which way to go whether with the doctors, their chemo, radiation and other expensive stuff they recommend (that destroys your immune system). Or to go with the iodine. That is your decision to make with the Iodine Doctors documents I have provided you. I personally do not make any medical recommendations. I simply present the facts so others can make informed decisions.

Iodine does not cure cancer. Your immune system uses iodine to kill cancers located anywhere in the body. So it is vital to boost your immune system with an optimum Urine pH, a lot of raw veggies, ZERO SUGARS, (a Ketogenic diet) drink lots of PURE water. Do not drink pop, any sugary drinks, no fruit juices (too much sugar), no city water with fluoride or chlorine - follow the Doctors guidelines in the file above.

One of the examples in testimonials is our own neighbor sent to home hospice to die from uterus cancer that had spread all over. Within 9 months or so, she was cancer free using the Dr. Brownstein Iodine Protocol:
Her best friend cured her own fibrocystic breasts for which her doctor insisted on mastectomy. ( Docs always insist on the MOST expensive protocol & treat you like shit if you don't do their potocol).

Note Dr. Brownstein allegedly recommends 300mg of Lugols daily for cancers.

Take your Lugols with breakfast, lunch & dinner in a glass of pure water to minimize the effect on your stomach. (juices have too much sugar, cancers thrive on sugars) You can add it to V8 veggy juice.

Thermograms are about $200, locations here:
If I were a woman, I would NEVER do a Mammogram. There is a very good reason those people hide behind a lead shield! They are DANGEROUS! And some even say they cause cancer! Complete details on thermograms here:
Also, thermograms are superior to mammograms by every measure.

I suggest you join with our iodine experts here at the VWT Iodine Forum :
These people have the most experience with iodine.
You will get the very best support in your time of need.

In the meantime, study our web site carefully:

YES, you can paint your breasts in the late afternoon - the discoleration will be gone by morning. Be certain to mix with coconut oil in the palm of your hand before painting to avoid skin dermatitis. When I first did the skin patch test, the color faded away in just 5 minutes ! ! ! The skin patch test with Lugols is worthwhile to judge if you are severely deficient. The color will fade away in less than 1 hour. Otherwise the color will last 10 hours or more.

Did I answer all of your questions? I think so.


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