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Re: need help for reducing or getting rid of hemotoma after lumpectomy
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: need help for reducing or getting rid of hemotoma after lumpectomy

Dear Grizz

I am completely convinced i am iodine deficient and it is the cause of many problems in my life.

I have everything here at home needed for the iodine protocol.

I had delayed it cause told not to take any vitamin etc till follow-up visit with surgeon and just given the go ahead to take stuff again.

Here is my dilemma. Being very impoverished I cannot afford the iodine loading test but applied for and was granted the free iodine test since I have breast cancer and willing to do follow-up questionnaire for their research on iodine and beast cancer. Lynn thanked me for such detailed info that it will really help with their research.

I cannot afford to pay for another test and I read in the book sometimes people are so iodine deficient that the first loading test shows they have iodine when they really don't)  and is a false reading as their breast is so deficient it acts as a dry sponge and the iodine just runs over it and is not absorbed going into the urine and giving a false reading and that sometimes people with the 2nd test and after iodine protocol find their level of deficiency is even greater than when they did the first test.

Due to having triple negative cancer- a particular aggressive and scary cancer- etc I feel they might learn something from my case as I suffer many of the things people have said went away or that were traditionally used to treat iodine with. I also have a multi nodular goiter.

i am not sure how to best use the test for me only being able to get one and also help the research so others might be helped by my case info they may learn from.

I am not sure if I should do the test first then start the iodine and they never get a follow-up if it got better due to my inability to pay for a 2nd test.

Or if I should not do the test for now, start iodine for about three months and then do the test noting any improvements.

I do thank you for the links and the costs and all your help

This and so much going on in my life right now and a bunch of emails and people I need to get back with, events I am going through, family problems, other life events,  upset in my life etc has severely diminished my time and i have not yet had time to email Lynn back. Maybe I should do that now. I have been torn in 100 directions at once lately. I am behind on everything.

Lynn gave me an extension of 60 days due to some factors to do the testing instead of the normal 30 days so I am not sure if I should do the protocol first without the test and not give them baseline info (that may not be accurate cause I am so iodine deficient) or if I should do the test then start the protocol knowing I can't afford a 2nd test to see what it improved and not be able to show it helped test wise.

My doctor has given me a scr1pt for all of the vitamins needed and I have the salt and logol's's but said they will not cover these vitamins for long if I do not have testing showing why she is prescribing things like vitamin C etc and I certainly do not believe the doctor's iodine tests are accurate so this might help my case if she has to do a prior authorization to continue getting me the vitamins free via min. minerals needed via prescription or else I cant afford to do it.

I want the accurate reading. I want to be most helpful to the study and I want 100% to do this as I believe it is the answer to many long problems that started in the 70s. i am just not sure given my finances and only being able to get one iodine loading test (the free one) which way I should do it

choice A--start iodine protocol now just assuming I am deficient and note improvements and then in 3 months do my first and only iodine loading test

Choice b -do the test now so they can maybe get a baseline (knowing it could be inaccurate) and never get a 2nd test to see if it shows technical improvement start the protocol as soon as I get test results taking the iodine regardless of what it shows. And have improvements but not be much help to the study as they do not know what baseline is to see if it has changed.

Which do you think it better?

Maybe that group of Lynn's who pays for free test will do more than one test free I am not sure. I will try to write to her soon to ask her that.

I have to go get hematoma drained hurts and needs drained so the blood does not clot making it permanent so do not want iodine on breast tonight  as doctor will question stain and get mad and I can do it afterwards if needed soon (like tomorrow afternoon if you think it will not interfere with my baseline reading if I should do the iodine loading first or not but could start tomorrow afternoon  if you do not think it would mess up the test..i am confused on the best route but know this.

I think this is the root cause of many of my problems even diabetes and know without breast cancer I may have never found this cure

But here is one thing I fear.  I am almost 100% convinced they got all the cancer and none in the breast now or lymph nodes but they found in the surgery pathology report that it infiltrated the inner walls of a blood vessel near on on the tumor and may have spread.

If it goes say to the liver they do not call it liver cancer nor brain or lung cancer but rather breast cancer in the lungs or brain or liver.

Can the iodine get to the stray cancer cells or a metasized tumor if it is not located in the breast but originated there.

In other words did i find it too late to help it as may now be outside the breast area or does it kill cancer or specially breast cancer no matte where it is in the body (ie-metaisized) in organs that are not reproductive related.

I am a huge believer in both iodine and alternative health. I feel it was cancer which lead me to this wonderful info on iodine which I never would have known without curezone and other sites and if i did not have cancer.

I instantly felt this was the answer to my prayers since the 70s when my problems first started and that God was hopefully answering so many of my problems all in  fell swoop when I read this book. i am very convinced this will greatly help me and will be so disappointed if it does not as it truly resonates with me,

My problem is severe poverty with no way of making any money. I would absolutely prefer thermography to mammography but 1) have no idea where to find out who does this and 2) no money to do it. 


The doctors put so much fear in me assuring me I was dead and in for pain i have fear of it spreading with this blood vessel thing I found out about last week that I want to know if it spread and had been planning on going to do more frequent mammograms, breast MRI and ultrasound to see what is happening  over the dangers.

In the past, I never wanted to get mammograms after cancer as thought they were dangerous and did not follow Dr's advice with my first early stage cancer, that said do it once a year. I only did it maybe every 3 or 4 years. some said had I gotten this sooner they would have found it earlier. I had thought maybe I should do it more to be sure it has not returned. 

i wonder about if breast MRI or ultrasound might be better in the unlikely event I can find a doctor to do this without mammogram. I know the one I have will not but was thinking of looking for a new doctor for any follow-up,

But maybe since i and others are so sure it is not likely in the breast itself anymore maybe they would not be necessary. I found out they might be able to look for spread with cat scans but she said no point in doing if i am not getting chemo but someone might order one down the road and found out there are blood tests..she said she tested me when I asked during surgery and found no cancer markers but that "meant nothing"-- well it did to me -better no cancer ,markers than to have found some.

I never had lumpy breasts s no way to see improvements there..but maybe I should do the protocol and hope it heals me and do my other alternative health things and my modified citrus pectin and Dr. Schulze, juicing etc and just check for breast via ultrasound or breast MRI (harder to get covered by insurance) or just focus on tests to see if they find cancer or symptoms elsewhere besides the breast should they occur as when it recurs it often is not in the breast next time but matatsized to areas I mentioned but it is all very scary and doctors terrify you so much.


It was hard to defy then and stick with my beliefs of wanting only lumpectomy and doing aggressive alternative health. I was treated like a nut case and they got very hostile and rude to me but who cares..I got what I wanted with persevere and grace.

So I had the courage and good sense to not do what they said for the most part but I did what I felt best and was told noone else refuses to do everything they said. (In a combined 63 years of their experience they claim not a single person had ever not done e very single thing they said but nut case me essentially) They answer questions with well who knows everyone else does it the other way..

.I did do some tests and the lumpectomy but did not do what all doctors aid and are still saying to do (nor will I as I am saying no to chemo, hormones, drugs, mastectomy and lymph node removal 100% no matter what) doctor was so mad he agreed to just do ;lumpectomy, but insulted me whole visit, was so rude and condescending and  he denied me a life or death test using it as a bargaining tool to try to force me to do his bidding when I refused and got the test elsewhere he canceled my surgery 3 days before for spite still his medical blackmail and coercion did not work and dropped me as a patient--forcing me to start all over and delay getting lump out for 6 weeks which might have lead to its spread being aggressive.,. he broke hippa privacy laws and contacted my first doctor again violating hippa privacy law got her very mad at me saying god knows what and she eventually did the surgery and tried to ruin it with her,

His being in control outweighed my life but then they see you are not like the others and they get so mad they up the terror to try to scare you into doing it but i feel for the most part despite their school knowledge and experience they are full of crap and I cant wait till this hematoma  gets better to be done with them except for a test once in a while.and can rebuild my hope in alternative health back up..this site helps me do that and the prayers of others.

It is a crime what they do to people with chemo that rarely extends one's life and comes at a very high cost of potential permanent brain and other severe and permanent organ damage (in some patients)

. I thank God I have always ignored a lot of their advice, avoided their drugs, went my own path and learned about alternative and studied it over 35 yeas so intensely but when your very life is on the line, it is hard not to be scared.and go against what everyone from doctors to family wants.

Grizz, anyway could you answer choice one or 2, how do you know who does thermograms (the doctor said they are alternative and not covered by insurance), how much they cost if you i live in Columbus Ohio a big city, would you paint breast now or after i do iodine loading test or what for best for me and the study,  do you think it still works on breast cancer that has spread to the liver, brain or lungs (where this cancer goes to) or not once out of the breast.. also might breast mris, ultrasounds, blood test if I can find doctor willing to order instead of mammogram be safer?

i so appreciate your help Grizz and everyone else and their prayers on my behalf..I think iodine is the most promising things i have heard in a long time for me and I am telling everyone I know to read the book etc to spread this extremely valuable info and help others and help this knowledge spread as it is amazing. i am definitely doing it..also one fear I have is the gastric upset..I have 3 bottles of lugols for now and cannot in any ay afford the coated there any way to take logol's to lesson this potential for gastric upset as I need to take this and change my life and if lugols is too upsetting to stomach I am scared as can;t afford the iodoral. What might help me avoid this so I can take the lugols which I can afford the rest of my life but cant with the iodoral--someone I think said maybe tomato juice?


Edit--ok Grizz I also just now emailed Lynn finally too but still offer your advise as he may not answer me


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