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Re: Can I do coffee enema/liver cleanse while on humaworm?
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Can I do coffee enema/liver cleanse while on humaworm?


Raw diet is Not for everyone. Adding raw foods yes. I explain why..

I was in India where I studies Ayurveda for some months.. and basically Not all ppl can go for raw life style.

There are 3 dosha types - vata, pitha, kapha..

KAPHA peope (me) - they need Warm food and mainly cooked one as they do Not have enough Heat in them (cool hands, feet, not great appetite). They easily feel cold. In order to feel comfortable they need Warm/ Hot dry climate. And, as I said WARM cooked food (raw foods are in very moderations). They are not really water drinkers. Can skip a meal easily. The list of other characteristed related to this type of 'dosha' is long as in case of other two doshas I am about to mention.

PITHA - pitha people feel a Lot of HEAT in them, could drink loads of water (thirst), good appetite (warm hands).. PITHA people can go easily for mainly raw diets as raw food considered to be COLD food and this type of food will Decrease heat within them. This type of ppl Can't skip meals.

VATA - vata people also 'cold' as Kapha people and this they are in need of Hot/ Warm climate (humid though) and they CAN'T go on Raw foods mainly as it will Aggrave their dosha and disbalance health (as in case of Kapha people) thus they Mainly need to eat Cooked WARM foods.

Most of people are born with two doshas Combined but one is predominant. I am myself Understand the importance of Raw food and I eat it (only Freshly made juices for sure) but I need to accept now that Warm food makes me Happier (and ya in Winters I am mainly on cooked food and in warm season I eat More raw (esp when it is hot). I am KAPHA-Pitha which means I still can eat raw (cold food) but in moderations and Ideally in 'Pitha' time of the day (when the digestive fire is the HIGHEST - between 10a.m and 2p.m.. thus I have my fruits at 10 in the morning or so).

It is very long topic to discus... so I just stated a very few bits about it. So Not all ppl can and should go for raw... coz raw in case of Kapha or Vata people cases or when people have Aggravations of those doshas due to wrong life style and whong eating habits (MANY of us have aggravations of vata dosha - dry skin, constipation, pain in joints, cracked tongue, limited amount of menstrual liquid, wrinkles at earlier age, numbness and so on).. should Watch Out eating loads of raw for sure !! Fresh juices are ok.



Ps: If you have dry skin then it is an aggravation of Vata dosha (more than 80 different health issues are related to disbalances of VATA dosha) then u need to MOIST ur skin Ideally EVERY DAY and especially in the MORNINGS (due to the Best absorbtion and massage in for as long as u can). In the evening try to Limit or avoid moisting ur skin as it clogs pores and absorbtion is bad...

If you have Ayurvedic shops nearby or can order on line then I would advise u to go for ayurvedic massage oils..

If you have cold skin and feel cold (prefer hoter climate rather than cold) then I would advise you a few sesame seed based ayurvedic oils..

KSHEERA.BALA oil - GREAT for all over the body (including head and FACE). If applied on face - smoothes Wrinkles (ksheerabala 101 has 101 times More potency and can be used for wrinkles 2-3 times a week).. For head u can apply this oil for 30 min and massage in (brahni oil is great for Memory and mind - for head only).

DHANWANTHARAM oil - rejuvinative oil and GOOD for pregnant ready for massages - used for body only.

KOTTAM.CHUKADI oil - great for Dry skin (used on body only) and for Vata aggravations.

If you can check it out then some of those oils (out of many) can be based on sesame seed oil (Heating oil) and some on coconut oil (good for Pita people to reduce Heat of the body) - so check it out.

Also olive oil, sesame seed oil are Good to increase heat of the body. Pumkin seed oil is good for massaging head.

Head should be massaged for 30 min at least (mornings) and body for 30-60 min and then u can remove extra oil with cotton and have a shower with mild soap (ayurveda advises).. I first take a shower and then massage body and after just remove extra oil with cotton (good for me).

Even for KAPHA ppl who usually do not have probs with dry skin - we need to MOIST our skin.. so 2-7 times a week try to apply oils. :)

Try to go for consulatation with Ayurvedic doc and if u can go for PANCHAKARMA (detox of the body).. IDEALLY u need to be free for it for 30-38 days (after that depending on health contition).. Two weeks of ayurvedic cleansing also will help but bnot as going for 30 days into it. All those Dosha aggravations will go away/be reduced after u balance ur doshas (vata, pitha, kapha).. Life and health issues are Not just about getting rid of parasites (ya it is Great no doubts) but u do need to remove other toxic materials from ur body and Humaworm will Not do that MAGIC for one month.. coz u need to do something EXTRA about it.

Hope it helps...


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