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More Information for you knowledge seeker.
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Published: 9 years ago
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More Information for you knowledge seeker.

thank you Rainy for your information. I have been using essential oils as part of many things but I am on a low poverty income and many of the things are so expensive. I was given a little money from relatives which I am rationing out for what I feel are the most promising treatments.

I just found out that there are three ways that cancer the tissue next to the cancer in this case the rest of the breast, via lymph nodes and through the blood.

Due to testings, talks with doctor and pathologist etc, I am now more than confident, it do not have it in two of the ways==the lymph nodes and the breast and had I listened to them I would have impaired my immune system forever for nothing. possibly had lifelong horrible lymphedema and continual pain and need for them and lost a breast and immune system for nothing and no benefit...

The surgery-though maybe wrong according to some-was the best thing they had to offer me and I got the lumpectomy I wanted and got the main mass out though maybe unfortunately for me and mine not in time perhaps so will have to wok much harder.

I found out almost certainly the chance of it being in the lymph and rest of blood is almost nil as they not only got clear margins with my lumpectomy but 3 ultrasounds and one breast mri which is the most accurate test they can do without removing the breast and studying it or the lymph nodes. Of course they are still insisting on mastectomy and chemo which I am not getting.

Radiation cant be done as had it 19 years ago before I knew what I do now and hormones etc even if I would take them which I will not will not help in this case.

although this was great news that it was almost nil chance of being in lymph and breast after all and this confirmed to me I made the right decision not to remove my entire breast and lymph nodes no matter what they said o how much pressure or how mad they got, this should have been great and was but then it was short lived happiness to find out they were fine.

I got the cancer out in my breast but unfortunately in reading the pathology report and then speaking with the pathologist who dissected the cancer tumor etc after its removal a few weeks ago, I found out it had infiltrated a blood vessels so very likely had spread before they got to it..

I had numerous delays all the doctors fault and it took 4 months to get them to remove it and this blood vessel he said was hanging off the edge of the tumor so maybe it grow that vessel (angiogeneis) while being forced to wait and I feel the doctor who canceled my surgery as he was angry he agreed to do what I wanted instead of just being honest and upfront like I was and saying he did not want to do that and find someone else led me on for weeks and then dropped me days before the surgery forcing me to delay the surgery another 6 weeks while I found someone else and waited till she could fit me in. I feel these doctors may have killed me with their business or canceling my surgery etc

Their selfish need for control of me and any patient who disagrees with them may have hastened my death and taken away my chance of healing with them.

I am left with alternative health..the only thing I wanted form them was some info and tests and lumpectomy..the rest and biggest job lies with alternative health so I hope I can do the right things.

I am so happy I will be done with them (doctors) but did just get a hemotoma and much swelling and blood within and need to have it drained and looked at and see them maybe for a year. But at least no more dealing with them and their negativity and assurances of my death which has been zapping all my hope but thank god I prevailed against all their pressure and those of well meaning and caring relatives. I have no support anywhere for doing alternative health but here.

They scare people so much that most do whatever they say and I hope my divergence pays off as if I fail, I feel I also fail in this to get across to the doubters in my life who I am trying to teach who are so under medical industries thumb that this works. and my life's beliefs and works will be like those healers who healed so many but wound up losing their own lives and then everyone doubts all they did and believed

I also finally got the questioned settled that doctors and testing disagreed on as to whether or not I had triple negative breast cancer--a particularly aggressive and rather deadly type...responsive to treatment that usually returns spread everywhere.

the pathologist settled the question once and for all of do I or do I not have triple negative Breast Cancer and I believed him and found out the same day I discovered the same day I was bleeding everywhere from the needle aspirations for hours after I left doctors saturating my clothes and guaze, tp etc with blood then an hour later found out it was inside my blood vessel walls and probably spread and then had hopes dashed it I did in fact have triple negative for sure and the chemo doctor was wrong due to only looking at one factor when the pathologist looked at the whole picture so very very bad day on top of a brother fighting with me all day and being horrible to me...kicking me when I was down on one of the worst days since this all came into my life last week of january when I found the lump.

I am scared..I only hope I can regain my faith in natural treatment that I am staking my life on after this news and worries.

I am finding some promise in things like modified grapefruit or citrus pectin to help stop the spread etc, from Iodine which I will start soon and from Dr Schulze and a host of other things

I was on a comprehensive program but had to stop herbs, oils, supplements etc for 2 weeks due to surgery/recovery and switched to a different cleanse right now but will start again the big program in maybe 2 weeks.

I am still researching the many pieces of advice I got on here, trying to find ways to raise some money to at least afford some of it but this will not last long.

I have been using Frankenstein, sandalwood and other essential oils that I already had but they are brand aura cacia and I am not in a financial position to buy the young's no longer how good it might be so have to go with cheaper options due to no money and extreme poverty.

But thank you for the info and I do look at the young's living oils board of essential oils and cancer testimonies but cant purchase their stuff..many of the effective cures are priced too high for me to be able to save my life with them so I must do with my good bran and past research, and help of people on here and trying to do all I can reasonably affords to do.

If I cannot benefit from this hopefully someone will as I do have a heart for others and am hoping I can cure myself despite the aggressive nature and possible spread and lack of funds so that I can give others in my shoes hope and knowledge down the road.

Thank you for your messages.

As I was typing about oh no I have triple negative, I recalled Dr Schulze saying it does not matter what your diagnosis is or how bad, you can be well and I recalled that all disease is likely just one disease..toxification and lack of essential nutrients so maybe there is hope.

Please pray for me --curezoner friends -that I can get the image out of my head of cancer flooding my blood stream to kill me form the cancerous blood vessels interior walls and that I can speak tot he pathologist again to ask him how badly was it in there..a lot of just my haste I forgot to ask him this and just asked has it spread he said possibly yes)

Please pray I can renew my mnd and truly come to believe again so much in alternative health as I feel that is critical but with my very life on the line and a future of pain and suffering perhaps, it is harder to be so sure when my life did not hang in the balance. I hope I can still get well with so little support.

You all are essential my support system for these beliefs of mine that i have had for so long.. I have to go my own path and the good mind god gave me and the knowledge I have learned in past 35 years. But right now I am weak I dont want to wind up in some nursing home everything I own gone and no control of my life and what I eat and in pain with meds forced on me...what a bleak future that seems. If I cannot recapture my faith in alternative health and remembrance of all those worst than me who recovered, I am as good as dead I feel never to have a chance at life again or feel the sum and smell the flowers and help those in need as I have done my whole life. I am weakened with all I have been through for maybe 40 years of constant stress and problems rejections etc. Life has beat me up and I had been wishing to die for some time but no that this is here to do just that, I find omg I was so is worth it and better than death. I pray god gives me another chance and a new attitude and heat and love for me too not just everyone else.

I cant do everything people advise as so much out there and so little money and cant fit it in the hours of the day I am trying to do so much plus deal with all the emotions etc.

I want to live...but can I? I need hope once again..those doctors sap it form you and your own fears dont help

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