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Re: In need of encouragement
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: In need of encouragement

 Firstly, I'll preface my message by saying that I am not a health care practitioner, nor am I selling anything. I asked about your stool test, because for me, that was the key to determining how to attack my problem. Brain fog, depression & severe fatigue, especially in hot weather, were just a very few of my symptoms.

You'll see many people in the Candida Support Forum with very similar symptoms to your own. However, I believe that most are suffering from some sort of dysbiosis, or GI tract bacterial/fungal overgrowth of unknown origin. I encourage people to have a CDSA performed (stool test) because everyone's problem may be unique, and the general recommendations for Candidiasis may not be effective.

Let's compare our cases. When I was really, really sick, a CDSA revealed that I had severe dysbiosis caused by overgrowths of Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Candida parapsilosis with a small excess of Streptococcus Group B.

In your case, a stool analysis revealed overgrowths of Klibsiella oxytoca, Citrobacter freundii and Enterococcus faecium with trace amounts of Rhodotorula species.

We're dealing with different pathogenic and opportunistic species, but some of the same symptoms. Also, for both of us, these are opportunistic bacteria that somehow displaced the good bacteria. That's why I asked you about the antibiotics, which can kill off your good bacteria, allowing these bad bacteria to take over. These bad guys are also antibiotic resistant for the most part.

The other challenge that we face is that science is only just now beginning to look at the Human Microbiome and its effects on health, but "brain fog", depression and anxiety connections are not high on the list of priorities.  One procedure that's FDA approved for use against a deadly Clostridium difficile infection is an actual fecal transplant.

There is a forum for that on CureZone, but short of using that procedure, the key to success is to eliminate the bad bacteria that are dumping toxins into your bloodstream, and which are also impacting your ability to properly digest foods, depriving you of nourishment, or causing "leaky gut", contributing to more toxins and the resulting brain fog, fatigue, etc.

For my case, a product called Tanalbit, which is made from plant tannins, was deemed effective against the bacteria in my gut. It did in fact work, but another key was liver flushes and probiotics.  So the cycle is kill, flush, restore, maintain.

In your case, like mine, I think the flushing might be critical, because I read that the Citrobacter freundii species can make its way into the bile ducts. This alone could be impairing bile flow, which is just compunding the problem.

I must repeat at this point, that I am a scientist, but I am not a medical professional, so this is all speculative, plus based upon personal experience. I'm one of the lucky ones.

So, of the four, flush, restore and maintain should be no-brainers, but what to use for "kill" is the big question.

"Flush" is the Clarke Liver Flush, "Restore" is probiotics. There's a probiotic called VSL#3, which I just recently discovered because it seems to get a lot of attention in scientific studies involving probiotic use. The number of articles is endless. So in an endless sea of probiotic options, this one seems to stand out. There's also a VSL#3 DS (Double Strength) which is only available by a Doctor's prescription, which also suggests that it must be pretty effective. Taking double the amount of the over the counter version essentially provided prescription strength. It's not cheap though. 

So, even though the VSL#3 is the "Restore" piece of the cycle, it may very well provide some, if not all of the "Kill" piece. Lastly, the "Maintain" part may involve occasional use of all three steps but has to include a clean healthy diet.

So, let's get back to how you might be able to "Kill" the bad bacteria, if necessary.

I did a quick search on Klibsiella oxytoca and plant tannins, and found this CDSA report. If you go to the last page, for non-prescription remedies, uva-ursi and plant tannins are most effective.

I found a paper written in 2013 that concludes that tannins isolated from the bartitamao plant are effective against Citrobacter freundii

It's also more effective than antibiotics against two out of three of my problem bacteria, so I might try to get some as well, but it looks like it may be a challenge.


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