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Re: Waking up with Palpitations
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Waking up with Palpitations

Other reasons you can have heart palpitations upon waking or heart palpitations in general or heart flutters, lightheadedness.

This is of course after you've all rhe bigwig medical doctors on hill and they've ruled out all the big stuff. And you've doen the obvious stuff stopped caffeine,sugar, and salt. Started taking , Coenzyme Q10 and magnesium. Alkalized with some 1/4 tsp baking soda in glass of water three times a day

I agree it can be stress related , but Ihave zero stress in my life. Upon waking up I have heart palpitations . lightheadedness bad, then it varies from day to day.

My ND chinese Medicine doctor made a lot of good points, regarding heart issues to look outside of what mainstream medicine may look at it.

Things to consider as possibilities one of the big ones, is an infection. A hidden dental issues is one of the big ones they see.If this is the case I would go to holistic dentist still can't figure it out go to a cavitation expert. For me a sauna every night for three days, this quickly located the bad tooth infection the heat of the sauna made the infection rise.
The other cause can be from parasites, consider LONG parasite cleanse I cannot stress the word long that means for up to 8-9 months make sure you get with an alternative medicine practioner they can help you.

Another possibility can be caused from iron vitamin deficiencies . The whole idea of range that MD have depended on is now changed everyone range is different.

The doctor mentioned it can be ACID reflux since as we get older the body creates less stomach acid. So the answer is to alkalize, Take HCL and when eating take few bites then take digestive enzymes. Here is the catch someo people say it is caused from too much acid or not enough acid I think theres a is a test that you can take to figure this out.

The other reasons are sinus infection can cause heart issues, sinus issue 90% of the time are fungal in nature so Antibiotics make fungal infections worse so get the right medicine I just like collodial silver /GSE . Even if your not congested you may still have a sinus infection, the same goes for ear infection, they may cause heart issues, accoridng to the nurse I saw, that you can have an infection but not have an earache! So I use a gentle oil Antibiotic in my ear.

The other big ones are hormomes and premenapausal.

The other is big one is food allergies , everyone at one time or another should consider a seriious food elimination diet,

Also it could be Memory foam on your bed that stuff has chemicals I read a case where someone passed out from the chemicals in memory foam. Many people have ended up in the ER because of memory foam Who would guess that? Mattresses even have carcinogenics, boric acid all kinds of stuff in it. I had to have my MD sign off so I could get an organic chemical free healthy mattress to sleep on. Even the tea bag can make you sick . I know someone who was hospitalized because of the teas bag had been bleached! Even the paint in your room or the stain on your furniture are outgassing. Even the carpet can have up to 250 chemcals in it can make yo so sick. The other big one is mold/ hidden mold in your home, car work, this can causes serious issues as well.

The other things to think about is what do you live by? Are there any type of factories close to your house or work? Are they doing some work in the area in which you live or work? Are there some exotic plants arounds? Are you on supplements your allergic too?

The next one is electro magentic sensitivity EMS ( Cell Phone s towers and Cell Phone s, WIFI, lab tops, microwaves smart meters, everyone is different. I think it is best to limited amout of exposure. Some people cannot be around this stuff it makes react ... some people have seizures pretty serious symptom, it really shows he level of seriousness. Then you think about the energetic currents of the heart and the currents that interfere with the heart it makes total since. I recall when I worked in hosptial I would see the medics running with the paddles when someone would fall over and flatline in the clinic. They would begin defibrillation . Defibrillator is the devise used to send a electric shock to your heart to revive the person and get the heart I recall one doctor still ordering elctro shock to the brain to get the brain wave patterns to normalize. Anyhow I'm going off track here...but the point keep looking for a cause there is always a cause for every health issue.

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