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Re: Is untreated mold in the house/MCS a reason to hold off on starting DMSA?

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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Is untreated mold in the house/MCS a reason to hold off on starting DMSA?

" I had not yet had the time to acquire a clear picture of Hg, Hg++, organic mercury, dithiols, oxidation into Hg++ (is this a large factor behind antioxidants helping mercury-poisoned folks as well?), and the BBB.

== It typically helps people to understand why proper use of ALA is critical. It helps people to understand how Hg gets trapped in the brain and what is needed to get it out--safely.

" when do redistribution "off" effects begin showing up, and how long do they stay?)?

== I'm not sure what you mean. "Redistribution" in Cutler circles is what happens as levels of chelators drop at the end of the round or if doses are too infrequent. Mobilized Hg that is not going to be excreted from the body will settle somewhere else causing symptoms. Typically the symptoms last a half day or so after the last dose. When I hear that they are lasting longer than that I suspect either an excessively high dose or skimpy antioxidant consumption.

" Your dedication to your female friend, helping her begin and go through chelation, is a heartwarming thing to see. :-)

== Thanks, actually I have so much to be grateful for. 15 yrs ago I had given up on my health. I just assumed that I'd have to be a fogged out handyman carpenter even though I graduaded in the top 10% of my HS class and had earned a M.A. before I got sick. She would not give up on me. She encouraged me to go to alternative practitioners, bought me books on health issues, especially from alternative medical views. I enjoyed reading such information. I was once a chem engineering major. She helped me with the key change from treating my doctors like medical gods to treating them as just one medical resource. Since I'm 1.5 yrs ahead of her in detox, I'm just giving back.

" I urinate very frequently and feel constantly dehydrated.

== Andy says this is a very common symptom of Hg. I think he said at his worst he urinated 8 liters per day! He is a big guy but that is a lot. Typically our members have to wake at night to urinate, sometimes more than once. This typically improves with chelation.

Re Florinef & coconut water

== Not many members report using Florinef but a few do. Most use sports drinks, along with adrenal support supplements and sometimes HC.

== My friend loves coconut water.

== Re Aspergers. If you are referring to shyness and poor "connection" with people and social situations, you are certainly not alone in HM groups! There are many reports of improvements in this area. This is an old post of mine on the subject.

== Re autism-spectrum. The adults with autism spectrum disorders post in the adult HM groups. They fit in very well. The autism groups are for parents, many of whom struggle to understand their child since the parents are not sick with the unusual combo of physical and emotional problems. Even teens tend to post in the adult groups, for example this young man was a senior in HS when he had to be pulled from school after he took cilantro. He is coming along and will be able to do college work soon if not already. He is active in the HM groups.

== Re Anxieties. Ever try GABA? It was one of the magic pills for my friend in the months before she decided to detox. I suggested to her that she try Cutler's supplement suggestions for those who have her symptoms due to HMs. When GABA and pregnenolone kicked in nicely, it really helped her to buy in. That was a big deal for someone with a long history of PTSD and at times, irrational anxiety. She had more access to her intellect and was able to think through all of the issues, chemistry, etc.

" ...inclined to think that it was all emotional trauma/needing to "sort myself out," ...

== My friend had a tough childhood so counselors naturally thought her problems were psychological. I imagine there were some of those issues but one of her most admirable qualities was her willingness to address those isssues and not bury them or self-medicate them. It was huge for her to realize--despite the inaction of various medical professionals--that biochemical factors were also involved.



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