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Re: Throath infection, sinus infection, ear infection, broken ear drum and kidney failure

Kidney Cleanse
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Kidney Cleanse
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Throath infection, sinus infection, ear infection, broken ear drum and kidney failure


see my post to you in another thread marked knowledge

first of all, do not take dairy in any form as it is very mucus forming,.If you must the safest is organic cottage cheese.

if he still has sinus infection though it is intense I can post a link to an herbal snuff recommended by Dr Richard Schulze (it will burn)

Although I would not use it with an broken eardrum as I am not knowledgeable enough for future reference for ear infections use herbpharm mullein garlic made for ear infections as well as taking one or more of the 5 things I recommended at the other thread you asked for help from (garlic, olive leaf etc)

Fever is a natural way one fights infections and should not be suppressed until it is extremely high maybe 104 degrees  
for every degree your temperature risen your immune system doubles in strength with more white blood cells, macrophages, b cells, killer t cells etc fighting off the infection so at 104 degrees the immune system is going 64 times harder than normal to fights things off.

IN Dr Schulze's incurables program videos he shows how the cold sheet treatment can create an artificial fever

more on how to do that here be sure to slather Vaseline over the genitals, rectum, nipples or any cuts as it can burn

The first guy (Dr Christopher was the teacher of Dr Schulze) whose version of how to do the cold sheet treatment is here

It is intense and emotionally cathartic so be forewarned but in a germy environment might help you fight off these things to use your body's own mechanisms for you.

for vomiting try an anti-emetic herb like ginger tea or eating ginger If you have any Asian or Indian markets there sometimes they have burdock root which would be good to cleanse the blood maybe if you can get red clover or another blood cleanser that might help check if herballegacy site lists any blood cleansing herbs

Dr Arnold Ehret noticed that during the war the Germans healed much slower the the Japanese and this prompted him to do did experiments with diets and found when he did the typical German diet of eating lots of meats or taking alcohol, he had a lot of infection, pain and pus when he cut himself but when eating a more vegetarian diet like the Asians he had a lot less pain. plus and infections, When he went to a all raw diet of above ground veggies and fruits with some greens and a little raw nuts and seeds he had no infection with the deep cut he made in his experiment, no pus, super little pain and rapid healing with no scarring so consider going to a raw vegan whole foods diet or at least transitioning to that by going say at least 85% raw

One can made milk out of raw nuts by blending and then straining through a cloth if he likes milk

Some of Arnold Ehret's books can be read free online here

If you want foods that help lower blood pressure let me know and I will look it up send a message to my inbox

ok I know this had got to be very worrying and upsetting to you and you are angry at doctors but for your own health and for healing you have to try to be calm and not so stressed and going without sleep as this does no good for anyone.

I am researching about cancer for my own and know I am a very emotional person, angry, worried, depressed, don't sleep enough etc and I feel this is directly connected to my ill health/cancer as we have neuropeptides on each cell in our body and they are listening to our emotional dialog and reacting and these type of negative emotions and not takibng optimal care of yourself can make one very sick or even kill us so please for your husband's sake as he needs you at optimal thinking levels right now while he is laid up, try to change these negative (though normal) thoughts by focusing on positive things like happiness, trusting God and yourself, giving problems to God, love, gratitude. laugher and joy as these are very healing in and of themselves. they do affect one's immune system and other things.

I do not feel comfortable nor do I know enough (though I know a lot about alternative health) to tell you he should or should not take steroids.

I had such severe pain due to 25 car wrecks and severe spinal stenosis, severe and several herniated disk etc that despite extreme fear of steroids and not ever wanting to take them, I finally tried the series of steroid shots (5 over a period of time) and they did not help so I stopped them but once in a while, one must weigh out pros and cons and do their is no go with your gut but remember one can always change their mind if they later decide to do it or quit it and try to rebuild any damage they caused.  Weigh out the reasons to try it or not try it and pray and listen to advise of others, yourselves and try your best to make a decisions while still keeping up your alternative health modalities.

Good luck. This is hard when we go through trials but this too will pass and we have the strength to get though the trials of life. You and your hubby can do this. Look for any silver linings to a bad situations like making lifestyle changes for the future to better and better diets etc sometimes we have to go through sickness to learn to make had changes in lifestyle and sometimes things in life happen that we have no control over.

As the prayer of St Francis says,

god grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and
the wisdom to know the difference.

It seems things you are doing are making a difference so take hope in that and in both the strength of the human body..Dr Schulze who dealt with and cured the worst of the worst dying patients pushed them to the max and said we are capable of a lot more than we realize and the body has been able to recover from many assaults to it. with this site one can detoxify things if we decide to try them and rebuild our health much of the time.



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