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Re: This is a good article if you have hang ups either way.
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: This is a good article if you have hang ups either way.

I know that it's not relevant to the discussion, but I actually assumed that natway was simply short for natural way.

Anyway, more than 20 yrs ago when I was told I had Candidiasis, I thought the doctor was nuts. But the reaction that I had with Nystatin treatment, followed by CDSA testing and we were able to nail this thing. Of course, these GI flora imbalances are difficult to correct and in 2002, which were the early days of curezone, I also discovered the clarke liver flush. During my extreme period of dysbiosis, I allowed my gall bladder was removed by a different physician, because I had discomfort in that area, and tested positive for crystals in my bile, even though I did not have gallstones. In hindsight, testing positive for bile crystals was essentially telling me I had "thick" or sluggish bile. So I followed the Liver Flush Forum for an when I felt I was educated enogh about it and the whole process made sense, I went for it. That took my healing to a level that I never had experienced in my life. To make a long story short, I quickly moved on to running my very first marathon at the age of 43 and qualified for the Boston Marathon. Not an easy feat for anyone, let alone a newbie first time marathon at 43 years old. I truly believe, that if you can cut through all of the noisy posts, you can learn a lot, and you can help a lot of people if your posting energy is focused.

Back to the Candidiasis, as I look back, my doctor was way ahead of his time. The Human Microbiome Project is going to lead to the next generation of treatments for diseases, particularly autoimmune diseases, of which diabetes is one. Think about it, 90% of the living cells in the human body are bacteria. Antibiotics (which are mold derivatives for the most part) have been effective soldiers against many life threatening infections, but have been overused. Although Antibiotics are good at killing bad bacteria, they also kill a lot of good bacteria as collateral damage, leaving openings for new strains to come in and take over and in some cases, Antibiotic resistant strains. This microbiome is necessary for digestion and many other functions, but the composition of the microbiome can run our lives. It's being discovered that the microbiome can determine if you'll be fat or thin, energetic or tired, hungry or full and even if you will have cancer. It is moving at an exponential rate right now because of DNA sequencing technology, so it's just a matter of time that so many illnesses that we discuss on these forums will be linked to our microbiota, inside and outside of our bodies. I came across a few companies online that are just now getting set up to provide gut microbiota sequencing to the general public. It's an exciting and hopeful time for everyone.

This guy is running a pretty cool experiment in Tanzania

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