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Re: Who has had the cavitation surgery?
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Who has had the cavitation surgery?

I'm Fondues,

The FDA has approved the Cavitat as an adjunct device so debate is over, we need this device to help people that are suffering,

I would like to tell my story and give you some advice on cavitation surgery .

I was so sick from an infected root canal

This is what I gathered, about most dentists. When the dentist gives you a root canal he believes he is "saving" your dead tooth the tooth will be part of a dead shell to retain the infection in the micro-tubules which cannot be cleaned these tubules are microscopic these tubules connect into your jaw bone. My old dentist believe most people bodies fight off the small infections. You can connect the dots about what takes place next.

After root canal . I had severe disabling symptoms for a little over two years, At one point I was in a wheel chair for a few days, because I could not breathe! I had over 25 acute symptoms.

I would go to my regular dentist he would say take some zinc and there is nothing wrong with your root canals!

We spent more money than you can imagine working with the best medical minds. I saw 3 biological dentists, 4 oral surgeons the best minds at the Medical university and 70 MD/ND . The ND seemed way more aware of dental issues. And it was Chinese Medicine that knocked down some of my symptoms.

This is the knowledge I've gained that 3-D micro-magnification plays a role in diagnosis but it may not the the crucial key in diagnosis. The also equally important or perhaps the most equipment is the cavitat ultrasound may be useful it however try looking for someone that does it very difficult to find.

After going through the dental and medical maze, for 2 1/2 years I think I'm now qualified to speak about the best way to deal with this do not waste your time with the wrong biological/ holistic dentists or even oral surgeons. I noticed that bone grafts from three different surgeons were rejected by my body I also learned that some gutta percha has metal in it. So at this point I'm skipping the implants because of all complications that come with implants.

If was seriously ill and I did not know it was a dental related issue, because the symptoms were so extreme and intense. The best thing I did is leave my regular dentist find a another one to extract my root canal the holistic a dentist. Put a bone graft I was allergic too over necrotic jaw bone I was sick for 2 1/2 years. Finally I found an expert dentist in cavitation surgeries he opened every extracted site open cleaned scraped and sterlized every site. Laser kill 99.9% of the germs it is highly recommended at sites of cavitation. The only way to know for sure is have the dentist opened up every extraction site and literally looked inside the site.

I quickly learned that all of those test I had MRI, ultrasounds, and even x-rays even the super high tech equipment missed the infection in my jaw bone .

The best test to find infections is cavitat ultrasound and I have read about spiral cat scan I'm unsure of how accurate it is, and also digital laser thermomentor to locate the tempertature difference this tell you where the infection is.

I also leared that that the super pricey holistic dentist that did my root canal extraction had placed a bone graft that I was allergic to over the infected jaw bone . My jaw bone was necrotic and mushy. There are levels of severity in bone infection . It can go gangrene and then amputation. This is not scare anyone this is to inform you about the seriousness of it all.

Bone infections are considered a medical emergency! Run call 911 go in ambulance praying sort of scenario, but many poor people are suffering from this but are not aware that the cause of their illness is in there jaw .

Anyhow, on with the story, I had five sites cleaned out on the left side of my mouth, The cavitation surgery seemed pretty straight forward and was pretty easy.

The recovery well it took a little bit longer, I have a high tolerance for pain I usually take pain killer one or two days and stop there. Well with my cavitation surgery . My jaw bone was pretty infected he had to really scrape the bone to get the infection out. I looked like a chipmunk for four days, then the swelling seemed to really go down.

I was still in pain and when I absolutley could not tolerate it I would take a the prescribed pain killer, this is only when I needed it. I try to not take it because when you stop taking these pain killers, you get headaches because the body is now going through withdrawl. Can you believe that after just two or three days the body is addicted? Unreal! So I take Arnica Montana as well as the pain medicine that Dr. oz talked about Yan Hu Suo also known as Cordaylis a natural Chinese herb NO side effects. Also I came up with this to numb the pain, A tablespoon of Sesame oil with a few drops of clove oil and put it on the painful sites and this numbed the area it work perfectly.

Since the nerve channel in a tooth can runs a little ways, that is why people may have pain in other healthy teeth. So I put oil-clove mixture on these teeth as well and this is highly effective ..

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