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What Cured My Constipation
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Published: 9 years ago

What Cured My Constipation

I tried many things to fix my constipation... yes, even a fecal transplant!! Anyway, this is my story...

When I was 18 I was in a bad horse accident. My intestines were a bruised mess (I looked nine months pregnant and was so swollen I could not get up from laying dBackown without assistance), my kidneys were bruised so much the blood was clearly visible in my urine and my liver had been split open from the impact.

Fast forward two years later and I'm 20. My lying boyfriend gives me herpes and I become very, very ill. I have outbreaks literally every other day. The doctor says to me that normally it's not like this and usually around year four with this disease outbreaks are rare. She put me on "suppressive therapy" a daily dose of acyclovir to calm my outbreaks. I still have them though, they're just not so bad.

Long story short, I accidentally discover raw foods and I go from thinking I'm literally one step from death to feeling like a normal person. Cooked food will still make me very very ill and severely constipated. Enzymes help, but not enough to prevent all symptoms.

Back a year ago I had to take Antibiotics for an infection TWICE because the first round did not eliminate the infection. With the first round I felt bad and had a little bit slower bowels. However, after the second round I became noticeably constipated. This went on for months and months. Even with raw food I was constipated! I became weak and tired all the time. I became anxious. I tried senna and castor oil which, of course, gave only temporary relief. I started researching trying and trying to find a solution. Yes, ridiculous, and I mean RIDICULOUS amounts of raw fruits and veggies worked, but were very uncomfortable to consume and I found it impossible to get the amount fat in my diet necessary to feel satiated (balancing out the large amount of carbohydrate I was consuming) without gaining a substantial amount of weight. So I then tried a Fecal Transplant from my son hoping for a quick cure. Nope. Not here lol. It was gross and did not work. Then I read about a man who cured his ulcerative colitis with milk kefir. I was very skeptical because I had been drinking home made kefir with raw milk for months on end. But this guy had a different plan... that it should go up the butt! Made sense to me, because the bacteria are all dead by the time they reach the colon. So I put 2 teaspoons worth up my butt every day with a children's medicine syringe for about two weeks. This stuff is powerful! If I had anything in my bowels at all it was easily evacuated :-)! Sometimes it would take 5, 10, or 15 minutes but no matter what it would take care of me and the anxiety would instantly disappear. It was so so nice!

So I have to say, YES, this WORKS for CURING constipation!! It has been a couple off months and I no longer have to put the kefir you-know-where!! I eliminate now at least once per day! I really pray that this helps someone else out there, I'd love to help too if I can.


-The bacteria work I think by stimulating movement of the bowel
-It is possible to repopulate the bowel!
-The kefir I used was made from REAL kefir grains, NOT the weak little packets of powder you buy at the health food store
Real kefir grains can be bought online through Amazon
-The kefir I used I allowed to sit out for about 3 weeks to allow the most bacterial growth (smelled like fondue)
-When doing the implants I would stay laying down on my back for about 5 minutes just to get it "up there".
-I ate a small amount of cooked food (that still made me very ill) and miraculously was NOT constipated!

P.S. Sorry for a lack of references I'm doing this on my phone and don't know how to insert links, but Alejandro Junger is huge on fiber and is a great inspiration and you can Google ulcerative colitis and kefir grains, you will eventually find the guy's page who cured himself and his testimony.

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