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Re: just started to detox today after 5 days 50mg. considering going to higher dose to
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: just started to detox today after 5 days 50mg. considering going to higher dose to

ok so here's what happened between now and then and i'm cing some of it in these articles.

i hadn't taken anymore of the adaptogens or anything and i started having again extreme tightness in my chest, neck and shoulders.

i figured it was my thyroid begging for more Iodine so i took another 50 mg around 5of iodoral and in about 2 hours the tightness was diminishing and at about 8 i started to have a lot of energy and the tightness was gone.

but by 9 i started getting extreamly energetic and when i got in bed i noticed my heart was beating extremely hard almost shaking my body.

it felt like extreamly low blood Sugar and high anxiety. so what i did was i ate a half tablespoon of honey and not much improvement and 2 and a half ablespoons later (thats more then 60 grams of Sugar still the heartbeat was better but still frighting.

i took some theanine cause i was so desperate and then then i drank a glass of grape juice (about 38 grams of sugar) shortly after and the heart normalized.

then the theanine kicked in and i fell asleep for a good 4 hours or so.

only to wake up very fast with fatigue and anxiety and the heart starting to go bonkers again.

i had another glass of grapejuice and took some more theanine and this time the theanine did not work and made me feel like crap till now.

no relaxation just a feeling of weakness.

theanine and some of the adaptogens have been hit or miss. like the work sometimes and sometimes they don't. last night i was so desperate i took the chance and it worked the first time and the 2nd no.

it may not of been such a good idea to go to 100 mg and take that other 50 of iodoral while also trying to stop all these adaptogen substances.

in fact now i'm not sure where to go from here i need rest so bad.

so the theanine doesn't cause me anxiety when it doesn't work it just makes me feel weak and very uncomfertable and can cause hypo like symptoms (same rule applies to all these adaptogens for me).

recently there was a time when they were all working just fine and that was when i was getting a lot of Iodine from wakame seaweed not knowing it and then swinging the other way same as doing iodine.

now i try to read this article on gelatin which i think i'd like to try but i haven't left the house since i got back on sunday cause i'v been feeling so wacky and no sleep.

i'm afraid to go out cause i feel so tired and bad i don't want some sort of incident to happen in public.

but it seems like a really good idea so i might go for it.

i'l admit that article is not to easy for me to read its quite technical but there's somethings i picked up on like glycogen which if i remember correctly is what the liver releases during the night and then when it stops people wake up suddenly.

something to do with blood Sugar which for me dropped last night very low.

they also mention cysteine and one thing i'v been taking regularly has been nac which in the past has not worked and made me hypo and feel like crap.

but then lately it has worked but now i think its in the working/non working phase so i might have to cut that out for now.

taurine is something also that i'v taken although it never calmed me down past the first few times its helped my heart palpitations in the past.

again its a pretty difficult article for me to read i don't understand most of it and i'm also really burnt out right now.

i'm not sure how to proceed but after yesterday and last night after taking that additional 50 i think i'm wearing my adrenals out even if i'm fixing my thyroid at the same time.

perhapse its time for me to consider pulse dosing and experimenting with the dose of iodine.

i looked at this womans article and c how she did it although she was having detox symptoms and i am starting to think that i'm not having detox symptoms.

that whats going on with me is more my throid swinging and adjusting and my adrenals being exhausted.

something says i should try and push through and when my thryoid normalizes then my adrenals can catch up.

but last night was just awful and felt dangerous.

any ideas?

even though i don't understand that gelatin article so well from what i do understand perhaps i should make an effort to get that gelatin and give that a try.

do u think it would help with what i wrote above?


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