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Re: Symptoms After Humaworm
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Symptoms After Humaworm

I've been going through around 5yrs die off... Die on as I might as well call it :/

I read somewhere on this forum (in the days when users did actually ask humaworm rather than the lovely Brandy), not to take too high a dose as these herbs are so powerful that the toxin overload could kill you!! I am double/triple dosing and still have a candida lump/tonsillolith in throat/lung opening... I kind of wish that the candida would die or the toxin overload kills me, but neither has happened as of yet. I smell a rat with these herbs... I've spent in the order of $400 with Humaworm, their customer service offer (albeit politely worded) generic responses, unpersonalized and not bearing in mind the individuals situation.

Getting a real response direct from humaworm and especially on this 'ask humaworm' forum seems hard to come by these days...

I'd be inclined to suggest the brains at humaworm are too busy swanning off in the Bahamas with loooots of 'do this cleanse for years and years, take the cream and tea too!!' easy herb money whilst their staff on average pay are only qualified enough to offer generic scripts. Prove otherwise...

I feel completely ripped off by humaworm, just another blag product claiming to fix this cursed fungus, another cash crop bringing home fat dollar and fat faxes. No profit in the cure, the profit is in the repeatedly failing treatment.

As if all these greedy companies cashing in on candida sufferers isn't bad enough, candida is the product of man made greed in the first place, impoverished lifestyles and nutrient depleted food that the farm is fed on a daily basis. Basic bread and circus lifestyles offered whilst sellect few can buy the world, you telling me Bill Gates has f***ing candida? Shit no.

Every man and his dog writing a book and claiming to be a f***ing expert who has solved the problem, buy this shit, buy this shit, they are all f***ing greedy liars who will burn in f***ing hell. I've wasted every single penny I have on 'candida cures' only to beat this shit around my body, it always comes back in one place or another, or a few even.

I'm telling you this shit is an endemic and it is man f***ing made, candida is the cause of cancer, candida/cancer is a fungus, engineered by man, to infect man, to make money from man before culling the population.

The stories i've read alone and the people i've spoken to in these years fighting candida... These people alone combined have spent millions, maybe even tens of millions of dollars. Wasted, thrown away to a blag industry...

Not one person I actually know has cured this shit, the only people who have cured it (or at least claim to have cured it) are those getting rich selling the books telling us they 'cured this shit'

How many billions are generated cashing in on cancer? Candida is just another one now, the precursor to cancer, I know this shit because I am fighting it and i've tried every trick in the f***ing book.

Throw the towel in all you motherf***ers and don't spend a penny. Give up and die because in giving the little money you laboured so hard for you are all playing into these f***ers hands and you are not going to cure it anyway, it comes back every time and was designed to do so unless you have been given the real cure. Only the one percent get the real cure.

It is a dark dark reality of this shit, there are those sellect few in the world who see us as livestock, basic animals, they control our currency, materials we trade, our medical practices, the news we hear, the propaganda and stories we believe and the thought pattern controlling media we watch on a day to day basis, they are master hypnotists and we are all wrapped around their fingers. We can and will be crushed like bugs whenever they wish.

Do this world a justice and go straight to the f***ing top (if one of those bastards has the backbone to be seen in public)

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