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Re: insomnia, anxiety, to much energy after 4 days 50mg iodoral. help!
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: insomnia, anxiety, to much energy after 4 days 50mg iodoral. help!

"as for not taking B for a week no chance. i'v stopped taking my advanced B complex once before about a year ago cause i ran out and it caused me unbearable feelings of shot, cracked nerves and extremely high anxiety. "

Ok, I read from this big issues, as one week without vit B should not be a problem. Reason I mentioned it, is that combined with a possibly adrenal fatigue, vit B may worsen an insomnia. When you took iodine, it may have challenged the adrenals, as the thyroid suddenly was super charged.

I took vit B for years without problems (great for my digestion) but after I had a trauma in 2004 / adrenal burnout, it CAUSED my insomnia. I couldnt take it for a couple of years, until I healed my adrenals. Now I have no problem with it.
You may have a complete different issue than me, but when I answer at this forum, it is also for others than the original poster. You have to make your own choice of what to do, this is just my experience. Learn from it or just ignore if it doesnt appeal to you.

Also the mentioned Jiagulan made me jittery at night, same happened with Diatomaceaus earth, Gaba, baking soda and a few others. + palpitations.
Any of you that have adrenal fatigue, may be very sensitive to supplements, and especially if you combine many supplements / herbs. At least 10 times I had to quit everything for a week or at least for a couple of days, then reintroduce one by one. This happened also before iodine, it was a great learning process.


More about glands / insomnia;

"A common cause of insomnia is the malfunction of the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) axis. Adrenal glands are an integral part of this axis. Insomnia is therefore a classic sign of Adrenal Fatigue.

The main complaints for insomnia include: difficulty falling asleep (sleep onset insomnia), disturbed sleep, being easily woken up at night, difficulty falling back to sleep (sleep maintenance insomnia), feelings of not being rested, leading to tiredness in the morning, starting slower in the morning, and feeling fatigued during the day.

Sleep Onset Insomnia (SOI)

Difficulty falling asleep is called sleep onset insomnia (SOI). It is important that cortisol is at its highest level in the morning and at its lowest level at night for normal sleep to occur, along with waking up refreshed and energized. When the cortisol balance is off, sleep patterns can be affected. High cortisol levels are typical of people suffering from Adrenal Fatigue, especially in the early stages. This happens when the adrenals are on over-drive, putting out excessive cortisol throughout the day in order to deal with the constant stress. Some of the excess cortisol even carries into the night and this will affect the ability to fall asleep, leading to SOI. At the same time, stress triggers the adrenal medulla, which then produces excessive amounts of adrenaline (a hormone responsible for the fight or flight response). A high adrenaline level can independently disturb sleep patterns as the body is on full alert. This state is commonly called being wired. High cortisol and high adrenaline can occur simultaneously and this is common for those who suffer from Adrenal Fatigue."

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