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i'v been Brominated bad from iodinning. have questions
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Published: 7 years ago

i'v been Brominated bad from iodinning. have questions

i'v got such a bad bromine headache i haven't slept all night and day i'm so exhausted and i have my part time job tonight. oh this day sux so bad...

first off i have been using chlorella to get my Iodine cause my iodoral has not arrived yet and it seems to really work. i use Jarrow Yaeyama Chloerella and would like to know ur opinions on it.

i have no real way of knowing the safety of it since every single place that sells chlorella says that theres is safe, pure and the best and that everybody elses is toxic, impure and the worst.

i just couldn't wait for my iodoral to get here cause since stopping the wakame which i stopped cause its probably toxic i started getting really bad hypothyroid symptoms and became a zombie again.

but now i went overboard and got really brominated cause i'v got the bromine headache right in the center of my forehead like there's an alien about to pop out of it.

i'v been salt loading, oil pulling and it just keeps coming back or won't go away.

the oil pulling really works btw which seems pretty crazy but i'v done it like 10 times since last night cause it keeps coming back and coconut oil is not cheap.

any cheaper oil alternatives that do the trick as well?

is it safe to oil pull for more then 20 min to try and get more bromine out? if so what is the max time before re-abosorbtion of toxins start (assuming that they do)?

now as for the salt i'v been using himalayan which is fairly high in Iodine they say 500 mcg per gram. if thats true then wouldn't salt loading every half hour with a half teaspoon containing about 1.5 mg Iodine just perpetuate the detox and never let it end to take a break?

think about it if somebody is really toxic and starts taking iodine and a low dose makes him sick then he uses Himalayan salt 10 times in a row every half hour thats another 15 milligrams of iodine! (and more so if continuing to salt load).

i switched to regular table salt cause i don't have any other alternative at my disposal till i get celtic (which they say has 150mcg iodine per 1/4 teaspoon) or something else cause i want to stop loading more iodine cause i really want this to stop so i can take break and get some sleep.

when i get my iodoroal (which i expect will be here soon) i plan on doing 50 mg a day and c if hopefully i can do that with out getting to much detox symptoms but if i do i will go less.

but if somebody sticks at 50 mg a day will the detox symptoms eventually abate then allowing the person to take 50 mg from there on out with minimal to no detox symptoms? how long do u suppose that would take?

then say once that did happen and the said person decided to stick to 50 mg for ever and not go higher would he still be detoxing just at a much slower rate then the people who go to 100 and above?

any other ideas?

this is a really great forum i'v been looking through it a lot for the past couple weeks or so since i stumbled on here with my freak out of inadvertent detoxing.

this detox sux so bad but at least i know whats going on now so i don't feel despondent or hopeless like i'm going to be a sicko for ever.

let the healing begin!


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