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Phototoxicity: Essential oils that should NOT be added to your leave-on skin creams!
Published: 9 years ago

Phototoxicity: Essential oils that should NOT be added to your leave-on skin creams!

Phototoxicity - these essential oils become toxic when exposed to direct sunlight. And, while they are okay in soaps or aromatherapy, they should not be utilized in topical applications that stay on the skin: lotions, creams, balms, ointments, as exposure to the sun can cause irritation and toxicity. This sensitivity to the sun is found mostly in citric essential oils, which contain turpenes. And, unless your lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange, etc. oil says it’s been FOLDED, it more than likely contains these turpenes and should not be added to leave-on skin products.

 What are folded essential oils? You will see something like Five or Ten Fold Lemon Essential Oil advertised. Folding pure essential oils entails distillation and this process varies from company to company. Not only does this process make the oil more concentrated, increasing its scent, it removes the turpenes and makes the oil suitable for skin applications.

Here’s a list of the citric essential oils to avoid in your leave-on applications:

  •  angelica root
  • bergamot (unless it's "bergaptene-free")
  • cassia
  • cumin
  • ginger
  • grapefruit
  • lemon
  • lime (just the cold expressed oil, not the steam distilled)
  • mandarin  
  • orange
  • tangerine
  • verbena

And here’s a list of the BEST essential oils for your skin (and not phototoxic):

Lavender: Versatile, safe for all skin types, tones skin, good for healing acne, oil/dry skin, and sunburn.  

Chamomile: (I use Blue or German) Useful essential oils for better skin. Effectively treats acne, eczema, rashes, dermatitis, very dry skin, inflamed skin and allergic reactions. Can regenerate skin cells and promote healing of damaged skin.

Rosemary: Treat many skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis and eczema. This essential oil promotes better skin and can also ease swelling, puffiness and congestion of the skin.

Tea tree: Antifungal essential oil when applied to the skin, will clear up abscesses, eruptions, acne and oily to very oily skin problems.

Ylang-Ylang: Lovely exotic oil is known  for its ability to soothe and balance overly oily or overly dry skin. Ylang-ylang balances the skins secretion of sebum.

Sandalwood: Ancient and known for its healing properties. Calmative agent, reducing lines, healing and reducing scars and reviving tired, dull skin. Also good for hair.

Eucalyptus:  Similar to tea tree oil, where it can help with acne, but it also works great to help relieve a headache! This anti-microbial and anti-bacterial oil can help relieve redness, irritation and swelling associated with adult acne!

Jasmine: Smooth and soften skin. Helps fade scars and marks so your skin is left clean, clear and smelling fresh as a flower!

Clary Sage: Known to decrease inflammation, revitalize skin and balance your skin’s oil production. It also helps ease pain from your mense and childbirth and helps you relax.

Rose: For sensitive or aging skin. Can be expensive and difficult to find, has astringent properties that help repair broken capillaries and improve the overall condition of your skin. Rose oil can also help scars, acne marks and stretch marks fade away and ease common symptoms of PMS!

Rosehips:  This essential oil contains Omega 3,6 and 9, vitamin C, lycopene and linoleic acids. All of these elements help regenerate skin cells, minimize the signs of aging, reduce fine lines, boosts collagen and moisturizes skin!

Geranium: Helps eliminate body odor, heal wounds, promote cell growth and fade unsightly scars and spots on your skin. It has a calming, flowery scent.

P.S. All of the oils mentioned above are the pure essential oils, and NOT fragrance oils, which are toxins!




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