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Crawling up throat and movement in intestines!!!
IAmRedeemed10 Views: 6,033
Published: 8 years ago

Crawling up throat and movement in intestines!!!

Ok, can someone please, please help?!

Yesterday, I felt something move upward in my throat when I went to lay down on my back, I have already had a lot of moving in my intestines and felt gases being released and bloating. I know for a facts it's worms but idk what kind, I know they are in my intestines though and some are in my stomach as well....I had drank organic tomato juice and ate raw pumpkin seeds and they got irritated from me doing that, I had also drank diatomaceous earth mixtures with water and took 2 parasite combination vitamins that have Wormwood , cloves etc in them...and then, I felt asleep in the other room and I got up and came to my room but I still felt movement, I went and laid down on my back and I felt something move up my throat!! Idk what it is.... :(( I don't want to come in my mouth or my nose! I want it to go out in my bowels! I want these worms to die, and I feel the worms pass gas and them poop's gross!! I don't even know how I got them! I just know it's more than one or stomach looks big, and my intestines feel huge...I'm only 23 and I can't believe this is happening...I bought a ParaGone cleanse which I haven't tried yet...I need to start doing enemas but idk what kind...I just want them all gone and to DIE...I haven't seen anything in my stools though.. :(( are they roundworms or maybe a tapeworm...idk, I just don't want to see it alive... I'd rather see it dead in the toilet....please someone help....idk how to go about effectively killing these horrible parasites, they DEFINITELY are NOT welcome in my body! And I dislike feeling them move inside my intestines and my stomach and throat...

I used to get these headaches a while back that we're bad....and I don't get them anymore, I now know that it was from the parasites...a symptom that I had them... I also used to crave/ eat a lot of sweets like chocolates, gummies etc... And I haven't been eating that lately...I don't have a craving for it now...Those things wanted me to eat that so that they could grow...and my mom warned me long ago and I just kept stocking I feel tons of movement and I dislike it....

Please, someone help....I know going to the hospital won't do any good but create a massive bill because they won't see or find anything...just like when I had the headaches...they didn't see anything wrong. But I knew those weren't normal headaches... I refuse to be a host!!!

What do I do?????

P.s. I also felt one move in my thigh as well, it like it moved through my muscle...because my left thigh muscle does not look like the right one now....and it's like it has created tunnels in my body as escape routes maybe? Because when I took that stuff, it's like it was moving to try to escape the stuff that kills it and irritates it....I had feel it moving upward toward my lungs and I hit it...and it flickered inside and squirmed..and then later...the result, I felt something in my throat..... It's like its smart or something.... >___>



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