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Re: More Warburg misrepresentations
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: More Warburg misrepresentations

Well that is exactly the point, I can sum up your blatant nonsense response in just this concept

"Again it MAY, that does not mean that it will".

No, of course it does not, it just means that it MAY. It is likely even. That does not mean it always will.

You have kangaroo jumped about giving half a$$ed answers and commentaries on many random side-points, not one of them relevant to the actual point, and mind you not one of them disproving what was actually said. You are playing your "act" at badmouthing these discoveries in the way a hypnotist fools his victims.

I should also add that cancer does in fact grow and thrive in an acidic environment, and the production of further acidity is exactly why once cancer takes root in a spot it typically expands from there unless the circulation, alkalinity, oxygen, silver, calcium salts and other such elements are all in place keeping it at bay. There is however another reason why it is not killing the cancer outright, and that is that your body has lost it's ability to attack the site itself to destroy the cancer, often a lack of circulation is to blame.

This discovery about the nature of cancer cells is in fact that the nailing down of the entirety of the nature of cancer and the cure for it, it is merely an observation that if in fact acted upon will produce more proper results. There are however a couple of other factors. One of them being namely silver or silver colloids ( Colloidal Silver ) being present within the body at all times under normal conditions, but being deficient under depleted mineral situations, such as corporate farming practices that reuse the same lands horrifically to the point that you can hardly grow a blade of grass in such depleted soils. Silver is certainly not reintroduced and they wonder why even the plants are more prone to disease now? lol. There is also the point of calcium and other alkaline salts that must be at all times present within the body, in most they are not these days - again traceable to generally the same root problem - that and other poor eating habits or levels of activity/exercise.

Overall, whatever knit-picking and nonsense you want to claim about how false these findings are, they in fact are very and actually correct, no matter what way you take them. If people do in fact take the steps to increase alkalinity and oxygen within their bodies, which means more calcium (coral preferably), more mineral salts (such as silver colloids), more oxygen - meaning more exercise and time outdoors as well and the like, people will certainly be a LOT healthier and their chances of getting cancer to build within the body next to impossible.

Of course, factors such as harming the body via inflammation such as hydrogenated oils, high fructose sugars vs more natural or balanced with minerals and the like are also factors to contend with, as are other synthetics such as Aspartame and the like. All very acidic in the body and very destructive.

And another point that is important to make, your false claim of oxygen carrying elements and that as being grounds to claim it being "oxygenation" within the body or it's cells is completely dubious, as are all of your other arguments. You cannot expect sodium hydroxide to be oxygenating the body merely because it has oxygen in it. It will eat the body away in fact. The ONLY oxygen in the body that is used as such is either what the body converts to such naturally such as water, or oxygen ions that are carried through the blood via skin and respiration. Anything else is typically chained and compounded as the material or form it comes into the body as, the rest causing free radical damage or excess work on the body - which silver aids as well, being an element that cannot readily bond with oxygen.

Anyway, you're full of it with your response trying to bash something you clearly don't understand with half truths and falsehoods. Get to know your material before you try to ruin peoples' lives again or better yet, get a conscience and start helping people instead of going the way of that recently prosecuted FDA stooge from "Quackwatch". Come to find out the idiot needed to be watching himself instead and you're going the same way.

Enough is enough already, the supposed "alternative" cures are in fact the mainstream and only viable cures and are to be used, as they were for thousands of years before the FDA came along with their scare tactics so a few people with patented chemicals could get rich to everyone elses' detriment. What is is what is - if someone finds some straight information on a subject under test, it's best to move in that direction. If that direction yields results that are positive, you have your answer. End of story.

Oh and btw, I myself have healed many friends of cancer. All of them that have followed my directions have been healed and any that refused or did not apply the suggestions is no longer with us. I know by results and experience, my conclusions can therefore not be denied.

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