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Re: Kefir side effects? Yellow urine and vaginal discharge.
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Kefir side effects? Yellow urine and vaginal discharge.

It could be that the candida does not like the beneficial bacteria in kefir and you are having a die off reaction, where the candida gets worse as it is drawn from the body. Then again it could be that the sugars in the milk are actually feeding the candida. Also it is said that milk is mucus forming which retains fungal microbes/pathogenic bacteria so some would say milk/kefir is a big no no.... Sorry for the lack of encouragement here but i've been fighting this for 5 years, i've tried every supplement under the sun said the be beneficial for this problem only to find out a few weeks later some other bright spark says it is not good for it. Ohhhh the elusive candida, who knows what on earth is going on. I've tried 0 carbs, vegetarian, organic for years at a time. I've also done juice fasting for 2 weeks, water fasting, master cleansing for four weeks. Hell a buck load of fasting. And in light of all the principles out there, the yay sayers and nay sayers, all the bright ideas, i've even tried drinking turpentine!! I'm thinking from five years of not working to take ownership of this condition and every penny i've managed to scrape together and waste on BS supplements the only way to rid candida is to ignore every idea and principle you hear, stop wasting your money, stop wasting your time and giving vital life energy to it and try your best to live as healthy as possible.. Fill your life with exercise, good food, god people and love until this idea of candida and the hold it has over us all simply dissappears. Something i'm coming to realise is that when we nurture a seed it will grow.. Be it the seed of a flower or a weed it will grow. If there are weeds growing, try to kill them. The odd weed will still pop up from time to time so be sure enough that enough flowers are planted so that no one pays any attention to the weeds and before we know it we will have the garden of a country garden. Ever notice the most beautiful gardens are usually huge yet have no weeds at all whereas some of the smallest have plenty?? It's almost as if a small mind is an infected mind as is a garden. Fill the mind with good and construction, let the mind be big and grow. Shower every morning, go to the gym, eat what you want in moderation be it good or bad, and do not feed the weed thoughts. Andrew Carnegie one of the richest men who ever lived in both mind and reality said the following.. I believe it was used also by one of the best and most renowned personal development coaches ever to have lived Napoleon Hill... 'Any idea that is held in the mind, that is emphasized, that is either feared or revered, will begin at once to clothe itself in the most convenient and appropriate form available'.

I made a list today of the last things I am willing to try to rid this curse before I literally take all my supplements, throw them in the bin and get on with life as 'normal', after this speech I feel like doing it right now but I have made my deal. There are four herbal combinations I am willing to try over a period of three months then I will throw the towel in and submit to what will be, gods will so to speak, no more fighting, if I die from this BS then so be it because life for the past five years has honestly not been worth living, the only reason I am here today is because others are dependant upon my existence. It is that exhausting if you allow it to be. Let it go.

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