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I Cured Myself of an Appendicitis and Here's How
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Published: 9 years ago

I Cured Myself of an Appendicitis and Here's How

Back in Sept. I had an appendicitis and I was very successfully able to cure myself of it so I did not have to go to the hospital. I wanted to post what I did to get rid of it here so others might be able to do the same. My boyfriend and I spent about 20 hours reading online how to cure this appendicitis because I had just canceled my insurance a few weeks prior and I did not want to have it removed for obvious reasons including past experience with doctors and not trusting the medical system in general.

First, what I believe caused the appendicitis in the first place: I had been eating almost a no fat diet and this is what I believe caused it. I later learned that your appendix is like a little oil can for your colon and if you don't have fat/oil in your diet, it can dry up and get infected. I had also been having problems with constipation on top of not eating fat and so I believe this is what contributed to it because when you get severely constipated, the fecal matter can get backed up into the appendix and cause an infection as well.

The appendicitis was very painful and I felt it coming on for about a week and it got to the point where I had to miss work for several days because I was walking around hunched over it hurt so much. But what I did ended up relieving me of the pain within a few days and it took about 2 weeks for it to completely go away to where I felt pain free. I waited to post until now because I wanted to make sure it wasn't going to come back.

So here's what all I did to get rid of the appendicitis:

First, I stopped eating all food except for what is described below:

1.) Drank lots of water and buttermilk (for the probiotics)

2.) Took lots of chewable vitamin C all day long.

3. Ate 3-6 cloves of raw garlic daily on top of a tablespoon of coconut oil. I ate this garlic/oil concoction twice daily. (Each morning and night I chopped 3 big cloves at a time and let them sit for 7 minutes so the potency could build. I read this was the best way to increase the Antibiotic strength of garlic and then I ate it mixed with the oil. I just chewed it up. I believe the garlic and oil are the most important thing in this regime and they are what saved me.)

4.) I also took some garlic tablets that I got at the health food store to make sure I was getting enough of the Antibiotics in garlic. I just took these when I remembered them. I wasn't consistent.

5.) I did castor oil packs on my appendix with a heating pad. This helped the pain a lot and I often fell asleep with it on.

6.) I alternated hot and cold water from the shower on the location of the appendix to help it move the infection out. I read this was important to do. I read that you could put an ice pack on the appendix, but this caused a lot more pain, so I stuck with the cool water instead.

7.) I drank strong fenugreek tea that I boiled on the stove 2x per day.

All of these things: garlic, coconut oil, fenugreek tea and buttermilk and castor oil packs are supposed to help cure an appendicitis.

I did this regime for about a week with no food at all except for what is described above. When I started to feel better, I added whole wheat toast to eat the garlic on because eating garlic by itself is not pleasant at all. The buttermilk was fairly filling so I did fine with not eating much on this. I lost about 5 pounds.

I read later that sometimes just eating some oil, like coconut oil, can push the infection out of appendix since the appendix is our little oil can for the colon. I do believe the coconut oil was a big help as well.

After it was all over, I could feel my appendix occasionally and whenever I would eat something fatty, the feeling would go away.

This was a great experience for me because now I know I have the power to cure myself if I do enough research. And I saved myself thousands of dollars by not going to get it removed. I also read somewhere that people that have had their appendixes removed have a higher rate of colon cancer.

I should also mention that I am prone to UTIs and when I felt one coming on a few weeks ago, I ate raw garlic and it was gone by the next day.

Raw garlic is an amazing Antibiotic and can be used for any infection. I either eat it on toast with coconut oil, as mentioned above or I pop some popcorn with coconut oil and then melt a little more coconut oil slightly in a pan and put the minced garlic in the oil and pour it over the popcorn. This is a very delicious way to eat it.

I hope this message helps someone!


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