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Re: All dental implants are a flawed concept? Microgap around the implants.
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: All dental implants are a flawed concept? Microgap around the implants.

Hi all,

I'm a biomedical engineer currently in her twenties. I don't claim to be an expert by any means, but I do believe that I have something valuable to add to this discussion, as long as no one tries to make me qualify myself with medical school and two phds as everyone on the internet seems to demand from us these days.

Dentistry has recently piqued my interest, as I had two root canals three years ago, one on my second to last molar and one on my upper canine, both on my right side. I had an extraction yesterday, because my molar root canal became infected. Needless to say, while I'm thankfful to still be mostly intact and healthy, it hasn't been a fun time or me. Visits to Various dentists have led me to conclude:

Dentists don't see teeth, they see dollar signs
Because Dentists see dollar signs, they try to drill as many holes into your teeth as possible, even if you don't need them.
Dentists are extremely jaded and I don't know why.
Dentists will do everything to exhaust the dental insurance you have. When your
insurance won't cover, they won't treat you
Dentists are really nothing but technicians. What they do on a day to day basis doesn't require any real skill. A carpenter could do what they do
root canals are a bad idea
Bridges are a bad idea
Implants are a good idea, but have problems.

All of the above applies to medicine as well. Just replace "dentist" with "doctor," and you'll have the same result.

This is where I might be slightly useful. While I was making a polycaprolactone nesbit for my missing tooth (Since I don't want bridges), I was trying to think of a better solution to what is currently in dentistry right now. I think I've found a way to solve the metal implant issue. As a person whose profession involves designing biomedical devices, I've finally thought of a solution I'd be comfortable with putting in my body. And it is so very simple.

Just use metal free implants. Today we have full zirconium implants that are extremely biocompatible and hypoallergenic. Frankly, it's the best material in dental offices we have today. If we can coat the screw portion with hydroxyapatite, a foundational mineral found in teeth and bones, the implant can osseointegrate, or have bone cells attach directly onto the surface, thus eliminating OPs issue. This is what is curreently being done in non dental metal biomedical implants such as hip and knee replacements, cranial implants, etc. To the best of my knowledge, ths is the best thing you can put in your body short of a fully regrown tooth. Unfortunately, regrown teeth won't reach dentists offices for a long time because regulatory bodies are fossils compared to university research laboratories.

Sorry this was so long! In short, I think you could do either or. You'll have to extract all of your teeth anyways. Try to find se regulatory associations are snaila dentist that can give you a metal free zirconium implant and ask him/her about hydroxyapatite coatings. If you can't find a dentist nice enough to accomodate you, then make do with partial dentures until you can. Remember, health is a treasure that is far more important than aesthetics!

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