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Image Embedded GMOs, GARDASIL, Vaccines, Autism, and the connection to ROPE WORM parasite.
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Published: 9 years ago

GMOs, GARDASIL, Vaccines, Autism, and the connection to ROPE WORM parasite.

We know very little about this new "rope worm." My guess is it has begun/evolved in recent years (the last 10 years or so) as GMOs have been introduced.

When I was young, I was NOT extremely damaged to the point of having full-blown autism due to routine vaccines. I was born in 1993. However, doctors have always told me I'm "a bit on the spectrum" and have certain Aspergers symptoms (textures, loud noises, extreme interest and obsession with one topic, THUS this post...haha)

I had always had a lot of mucus, constipation, and weight gain as a child, but was never EXTREMELY sick... just foggy, lethargic, and depressed (which was due to the first stage of rope worm, the mucus stage, in my opinion.)

BUT, when I was 15, against my will, I was given GARDASIL vaccine. That is when sh*t hit the fan. I had non-stop gas, 24/7, horrible bloating, terrible acne, terrible digestion, intestinal SPASMS that were debilitating, colon spasms that made me hold on for dear life. Ever since then, my health has gotten worse. I was diagnosed with "IBS", "depression", and "vulvodynia." Given Rx's and sent home. Foods that aggravated my IBS: PEANUT BUTTER, bread, certain meats, yogurt, frozen yogurt, etc. I would eat these foods then have to stop what I was doing and writhe in pain.

Here is a time line of my symptoms:

2008: Gardasil vaccine. a few days after I developed a wart on my thumb that is still there.

2008-2009: Intense fatigue, bloating, lots of mucus, coughts, colds, and terrible digestion begin.

2009-2010: Gas NON-STOP 24/7, incredibly PAINFUL, uncontrollable and EMBARRASING gas, wouldn't be in placed with people for too long because I knew I simply COULD NOT without passing gas. Had to get into certain positions to get the gas out and find relief!! Acne begins.

2010-2011: Severe back acne, severe cystic acne, cysts along the body, severe stomach cramping, colonoscopy, diagnosed with IBS, severe constipation, severe ANAL SHOOTING PAINS, severe weight gain and depression.

2011-2012: Epstein Barr Virus, lymph nodes swollen and pussing, liver faiiling, erythema nodosum after taking birth control.

Here's my hypothesis:

Pre-2008 was the rope worm mucus stage growing in my body and organs. Gardasil vaccine happened which in 2008-2009 lowered my immune system enough for THE ROPE WORM to grow and aspire to it's second stage. Here's a pic of the first stage:

rope worm stage 1

Then, 2009-2010 it was in it's SECOND STAGE, the BUBBLES which were giving me uncontrollable horrid gas all the time and severe pain! Second stage:

rope worm stage 2

Then, come 2010, it graduated to the third stage becoming a jellyfish, beginning to suck up my blood and attaching itself to my organs (anal pains: suction cups)

rope worm stage 3

2011-2013, fourth to fifth stage where it becomes the actual rope and is sucking my blood and nutrients from my food, allowing me to not be able to fight off ANY infection and fall incredibly sick. Lymph nodes were overflowing.

rope worm stage 4

rope worm stage 5

I always heard that anyone with LYME SYMPTOMS (all my symptoms after gardasil), MORGELLONS SYMPTOMS, or AUTISM should be cleansing and looking for ROPE WORM because they are infected. Another forum poster who has experience with rope worms herself, Deesmiles, informed me that on an AUTISM FORUM, she saw someone say that when a child is already BORN WITH THE FIRST MUCUS STAGE, THAT CHILD CAN HAVE SEVERE REACTIONS TO THE VACCINES, THUS CAUSING IMMUNODEPRESSION AND AUTISM.

Children who are heavily being diagnosed with autism now have been eating GMOs all their lives, which could possibly be a cause of the start of this mucus stage?? (just being inquisitive)

SO, if I already had the MUCUS STAGE (possibly because I was born in the time of GMOs), and then I got the GARDASIL VACCINE, I would too have a horrible reaction to the vaccine, just like the children with autism had a horrible reaction! And I did, in fact have a horrible reaction, just like thousands of other girls.

Deesmiles ALSO told me that the rope worm seems to have a FUNGAL element - such as a worm/fungus HYBRID - and thus the rope worm HATES MOLD! AND GUESS WHAT! THE FOODS THAT I MENTIONED I REACTED TO ALL INCLUDE MOLD, COMPLETELY EXPLAINING MY "IBS"

1) Peanut butter - LOADED WITH MOLD AFLATOXINS and I had a reaction EVERY time!

2) yogurt / cheese - mold

3) bread - mold even when you can't see it always, but I especially reacted if it was old

4) ENVIRONMENTAL MOLD - I studied abroad last summer and our apartment had SERIOUS MOLD SPORES. Other girls in the house (NOT vaccinated with Gardasil) had some reactions (fatigue) but nothing crazy. I on the other hand was DEBILITATED, and had blood and green mucus coming out of my nose 24/7. I had never felt worse in my life.

I believe the GMOs are mutating a fungus or existing parasite to create this new hybrid worm, rope worm. I then believe this worm mucus first stage infests us and causes terrible reactions to VACCINES, HEAVY METALS, MOLDS, and all of the other internal pollutants we have being dumped on us.


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