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Image Embedded ROPEWORM Parasite, GARDASIL Vaccine, BACK ACNE?! Need your thoughts... anyone!
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Published: 9 years ago

ROPEWORM Parasite, GARDASIL Vaccine, BACK ACNE?! Need your thoughts... anyone!

Hi everyone. I have a million thoughts to get out so let's see where this goes.

1) As soon as I was born I had SEVERE gas when fed formula (pretty sure it was GMO soy formula though, but it was 1993, they say they released GMOs in 1996 but I don't believe it). I was on prescription liquid medication in the form of droppers in my formula, for GAS. I had extreme colic.
2) Ropeworms move by GAS PROPULSION!! I'm guessing I was born with ropeworms that caused the gas; my mom gained literally hundreds of lbs when pregnant with me and was obese throughout my childhood. She had never done a parasite cleanse.

1) I was OKAY throughout my childhood, but very depressed and anxious after I got into elementary school (I suspect this was the worms.) I couldn't sleep at night scared shitless that I would fail a spelling test. I was sent to a therapist.
2) Once I hit 2nd grade the weight started coming on. I had weight issues all my life. Definitely when my parasite infestation got bad. I was also eating ALL GMO tv dinners.
3) 2008; 9th or 10th grade, my mom forces me to get GARDASIL.
4) Obviously Gardasil is f***ing poison and has killed hundreds and injured thousands.
5) After Gardasil I was NEVER EVER EVER the same. Sharp, shooting pains in my intestines! SHARP stabs in my anus and colon. I couldn't move, the pain was so bad. No mental focus, suicidal, headaches, anger, muscle aches. TONS OF LYME SYMPTOMS! But "not positive for lyme".
6) Doctors diagnosed me with "IBS" with "no cause"
7) I started to develop cystic acne all over my back and my face. I have not been able to rid myself of my acne since Gardasil (besides PARASITE CLEANSING! Colon cleansing does nothing. Only parasite.)
8) A few years after Gardasil I got bit by fleas and was in unsanitary conditions a lot of the time with a sick flea infested animal. I developed a huge swollen lymph node on my groin with puss coming out, then my armpit lymph nodes swelled, then my liver started failing, then I was diagnosed with "Epstein Barr" , still no lyme. Right after I got Epstein Barr, I took birth control for the first time (naive) and developed ERYTHEMA NODOSUM all over my legs.

*** EDIT: soon after I was diagnosed with MTHFR a genetic defect that I KNOW is connected with Gardasil.

9) I now have what I believe is a tiny worm still under my skin in the spot where that pussing lymph node was. I know some can live in your lymph nodes.
10) My back acne has now gotten so bad that it's starting to look like the backs of those with Morgellons, except minus the scabs and fibers coming out. But same pattern of red cysts. Some weird black stuff comes out of me sometimes.
---- now, remember how I keep mentioning LYME and now MORGELLONS.

I read on a forum here recently that anyone with LYME, MORGELLONS, or AUTISM should be parasite cleansing and looking for ROPE WORM.
LOW AND BEHOLD: doing my second parasite cleanse right now and 6 inch rope worms with suction cup faces are coming out. Here is a picture of my back before the cleanse, and my back on Day 3 of the cleanse, AND one of my ropeworms. EVERYONE WITH ACNE NEEDS TO PARASITE CLEANSE.


** My belly looks like I have megacolon. I have almost no fat on my stomach; I carry it in my legs only. Yet my stomach sticks out like I'm pregnant, 24/7 especially when I eat something.
** I cannot handle "senna" laxative. If I take senna or drink senna tea, my colon feels the worst pain you can imagine. I have to hold on to the bathroom walls.


Why does everyone that takes Gardasil come down with LYME SYMPTOMS?! Was I born with the rope worm like I suspect or did Gardasil give it to me? Does Gardasil actually give people worms, or just suppress the immune system enough for the worms to take over?!?! My Chinese Medicine doctor is treating me with NAET methods for allergies, and my body is allergic to/rejecting everything including sodium, b vitamins, calcium, and my own hormones. She said this is all because my immune system is HORRIBLY low (which happened after Gardasil.) Do you think it's the chemtrails that are bringing us this newly discovered 2013 rope worm?

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Can anyone help me make connections? What else can I do to get these ropeworms out? I'm taking psyllium husk and bentonite clay shakes, worm wood, black walnut hull, cloves, and quassia.


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