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"Incurable" Fungal Infection
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Published: 7 years ago

"Incurable" Fungal Infection

My issue began some 5 years ago when I lived at a turn of the century-made into an apartment complex and had a rather cruddy job at a grocery distribution center(ever have a supervisor defecate around produce?). Around the 7th month period as mentioned, I began have a really bad itch/rash along my taint area. Initially I wasn't phased and went to a doctor after it persisted after a couple weeks. He stated it was a fungal infection, gave me some meds(didn't do anything) and then prescribed me a steroid which I thought did the job but the infection came back as soon as I was done with the cream. The infection would mutate it seemed. It started to feel like it was cracking and I would use another "holistic" remedy which wouldn't work. The infection would also spread down my inner thighs, up my rear crack, around my scrotum. The farthest it ever traveled was down near my knee-pit. Eventually me and my wife-to-be moved and I got a new job. Over the next 5 years I visited alot of doctors. The first I visited was the ER because of how bad it got. They said I had a yeast infection and prescribed me some ointment. Didn't do anything. I then visited a rather abrasive doctor who thought I had diabetes(mind you I was 280ish) and treated it as a simple yeast infection. Eventually I went to the dermatologist in my health network and have seen atleast 3 different doctors who all gave different diagnoses. One said it was a yeast infection, same deal as before, didn't work or worked till I stopped/ran out of it. The second said it was folliculitis, that it was incurable and would prescribe me some more of the medication which again, did not work(actually this time it caused pain since the drug was in an aerosol projector). She passed me to another doctor who now thinks its intertrigo and again, believes its not curable and prescribed me some steriod, ketocornazole(might've spelled that wrong) and told me to use that with a zinc cream(desitin). What caused this? Well initially I thought this all started from splashing filthy water from the cruddy job I had on myself(I was about to actually see if I could raise a lawsuit over it) and then I went to a chinese herbalist. He did some meridian tests, said my liver and my color were weak and my sodium levels were off. Stated the fungal infection isn't yeast and it was caused by environmental and asked if I lived in any old houses which raised another flag. That apartment had penicillin mold growing and god knows what else.... Prescribed me some stuff and well, that hasn't entirely worked but while I was taking them, it seemed the area of infection "shrunk". Right now I'm on a candida diet and i'm down to 207 but still nothing. I go back to the dermatologist in march and he said he's going to do a biopsy on the skin(about time).
Thats pretty much my story on this crap, it absolutely sucks having this persisting itch and I was wondering if anyone else came across the same/similar issues and had their infection cured/cleared.

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