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What is the cause?
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Published: 9 years ago

What is the cause?

Lately Ive been browsing trough the forums for hours trying to figure out whats wrong with me. By this point im so overwhelmed with information about all kinds of disorders and conditions I just dont know what to think...

After few courses of Antibiotics I noticed a Body Odor . Whenever I got sweaty It basically smelled like something dead. After I realized others noticed an odor I began researching and thought I had TMAU. The fact that it cannot be cured got me extremely depressed and I was totally convinced I had it.I think I shouldve jumped in conclusions so early. However, I was still somewhat social and noticed that not many people commented on it. The odor dissapeared and I wouldn't smell it anymore. Sometimes friends seemed to act fine and others they'd make remarks such as "Smells like sh*t, who farted?". That got me just as confused, some days seemed fine and others I smelled like sh*t apprenyly. My breath also smells like feces since then. Things didnt seem as bad until summer was over and school started. Even on the first day the guy sitting next to me said "Smells like someone sh*t themselves". Eventually I got more depressed and junk food seemed like good option to make me feel better. I'd continue getting comments once in a while but I tried to ignore them. Some days people were fine and others I will get disguisting stares all day.

One day as I was walking trough the hallway seemed like someone had sprayed tons of perfume. Then a girl was walking next to me and said "Ew, smells like fish". By that time TMAU didn't seem the cause until she made the comment. I tried to ignore it since It was the only fish-smell related comment I got. After reading about leaky gut Im quite convinced that would be the cause. Things seem to match (fatigue,brain fog, fecal bb and bo, ibs, etc.) Ive started the diet and cut out all sugars and most carbs by this point. However, once in a while I'd read something about another condition such as TMAU that'd really once again throw me off thinking that'd be it since its so similar.

By this point I'm quite pissed. Seems like the more research I do the more confused I get. Everyone throws out a different cause for the smell that totally throws me off. I really don't know what to think anymore... I got my hopes high thinking I'd be able to beat the bacteria causing the smell until I see someone saying "that cant cause Body Odor " or "its just in your head"... This is really messing with my head. All I need is an advice what to do from here on...

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