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Published: 8 years ago


Hey I am so tired of this bo the other day I went into a taco bell and a lady said i thought this place was called taco bell not taco smell and i knew she was most likely referring to my bo and another lady passed me and goes geeze about my bo. Like I even got fired from my job bc of this I'm sure they said it was because of my job performance but i had been spoke to several times about my bo except they reversed what they said they said they got complaints of me wearing too much perfume like lol yeah right i wish that was my problem yet these same people telling my manager that were saying i smelled bad when she was not around walking pass me laughing like im a joke or part of the circus yet they used my work performance as an excuse to get rid of me. I can't believe how terrible people are thank God I live with my dad otherwise I would probably be on the street bc of no income. People act like we are a contagious disease like we have no right to live and be happy like everyone else, people treat us like criminals like I even lost my job and let me tell you i have been fired before but never treated so coldly my manager didnt even give me a hint i was getting fired she just told me to walk with her to another office and as she was walking me to the office she kept walking way ahead of me like embarassed to be seen with me and making a comment due to my bo. Like she didnt even let me walk out of there with dignity I was treated so badyly I had to take the bus home and i got drunk and just kept crying and crying to be honest i was feeling suicidal like this is not life i cant even keep a job:( thats not fair i didnt do anything wrong except be me and i know thats why i was fired.Before anyone says anything about the alcohol making my bo worse i was so upset that day it was either i get drunk or kill myself that's how bad i was feeling. So i think getting drunk was a better option then the other at least im still here right.Then its so frustrating bc whenever i talk to my man about this he says im crazy it's all in my head and does not even want to hear about it yet i suffered terribly emotionally I will never forget that day. I'm so fed up with this bo .My man has even treated me like crap bc of this bo our sex life went out the window once this bo started i would have to basically beg for sex and i thought to myself this man has the nerves to say i dont have bo yet he has treated me badly bc of it and was not even attracted to me sexually anymore he constantly coughs around me and makes comments behind my back well am i wrong for feeling cold towards him for the way he treated me like he has medical,issue so he needs me mroe then ever now but i cant get over how he ahs treated me and still treats me somewhat bad he tells me im mentally slow or crazy bc i talk so much about this bo bc it consumes my life well now he is mad bc now im rejecting him bc i feel like he shoudl have been my backbone when i was down like when i got fired he didnt show any concern like it was no big deal i was treated so badly. I want o tell my man sometimes yo know your right i might be goign crazy who in the right mind wont living such a hell on earth. Anyhow just wanted to update everyone on how im doing.

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