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You cant kill all critters with one cleanse...please read

Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

Heart Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 10 years ago

You cant kill all critters with one cleanse...please read

When RG made his parasite cleanse he made it to be safe for us to consume.
RG told us that he could have developed the parasite cleanse to kill ALL critters with one cleanse but since they POO POO when they die and that POO is extremely toxic we would die with them.

This is the example he gave us also. He said pretend you have mice in your house. You don't have a clue how many. You set a mouse trap hoping to catch him. How many mice are you going to catch with one trap?
You can't catch all of them with one trap. Same goes with parasite cleansing.
Usually from what I experienced it takes two cleanses to start getting the big boys. Ascaris roundworm, hook worm, tapeworm etc.

What people usually see on their first HW cleanse is white rice looking things in their BM. That is the tail segments of tapeworm. They did from the bottom of their tail to the head. As you get closer to the head the segments start looking like cashew nuts. You have get the head out because it will grow another tail!! You may see rolled up tomato skin looking things. Those are one species of liver flukes.
Using a very small amount of RG cream up your nose will kill roundworms!!
RG told us... A little goes a long way so just use a very small amount on a a tip and swab it up there. I have gotten out several. More than I can count.
I don't have sinus itis anymore. I don't get the headaches anymore.

I am on my 19th HW cleanse. I only did one last year because of my daughters two weddings and my parents 60th wedding anniversary.
I had no time for myself. I should have taken the time.
Last night I felt scattering under my scalp. I don't feel them tonight so I am thinking I killed some. I felt this movement under my right Breast and it goes under my right armpit. I feel movement behind my armpit so who knows how long this critter is that is extremely pissed at me right now.
I feel movement in my lower abdominal. Last year I felt something break off from another and I did nothing about it like a dummy.
So now they have to be put on death row and wait execution. Lol
If you go to and go to other options then scroll to testimonies then go to the 4th testimony titled No More Breast Cysts that was one of my posts that RG pulled from this site about 6 or so years ago.
I was replying to a post. In it it tells that I got rid of my cysts. They covered my breasts. Well remember me telling you that I only did one HW cleanse last year? I had my mamograhm in September and was told I had a few cysts growing on my right breast. Now remember me just telling you that I have been feeling movement on my right side ? I think this critter has been creating cysts in my breast again. I can't wait for my mamo this year to see if they go away from the HW cleanses I will be doing this year. Every three months for me. Oh yes I am going to be faithful !!!
Two years ago when they told me I had no sign of cysts, I had them go back 6 years and check to see if I had cysts. They said yes you did you were covered with them. Then I told the doctor what I was doing. He smiled and said they went away from menopause. I shut my mouth at that point. I didn't start menopause three years after they went away !!!
Medical doctors are not trained on parasites for one reason.
You figure that one out. It's not hard.
I also one time told another Dr. And he told me omg Donna, if you have parasites we are going to have to quarantine you because we don't want an epidemic to break out!!! I shut my mouth that time really fast.
It breaks my heart that we can't educate the world about what is making us sick. Money is the root to most of our illnesses. Ok I have said enough for now. Lol.

My daughter and Son in law just started the cleanse and his parents along with other family and friends at the same time. They are my followers.
I tried to get my now 30 year old daughter to do it for 7 years now. It had taken several trips to ER. Days spent in the hospital to hit rock bottom and to finally reach out to me and say I'm ready to do a HW cleanse.
She know knows its good to listen to your Mom! Lol.
I'm happy they are on board. I seen her yesterday and her face cleared up from acne. She had it for several years. She said Mom I wish my face was this clear for my wedding. They got married in Lake Tahoe this last Oct.
Her face looked so clear and beautiful. Omg. She said Mom I'm not piutting anything on it. I'm just doing the Humaworm. She also told me her period started and she was not bed ridden with pain. She said for the first time in years there is no pain and she didn't have to take pain pills. This is her second week of Humaworm. She also reported more energy but then today reported being very tired. I told her that is die off. She will get throigh it. She told me also that she gets full faster. I said good.
Her husband is on it too so they won't pass things back and forth to each other. My Son In Law is awesome. He is doing a lot of research on this forum and looking at pics so he can identify his critters. I say good job. Makes me one happy Mother in Law !!! Hug's ... Donna

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