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Re: Help Needed: Rope Worm Questionnaire - An Unofficial Survey
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Help Needed: Rope Worm Questionnaire - An Unofficial Survey

1. Age of AI =48

2. State/Country of AI =Virginia

3. Gender of AI:femal

4. What is the current state of health of the AI (low quality, average quality, above average quality)?Lupus, diabetes, hypothyroidism, fibromalgia, diverticulitis

5. Does the AI have what visually appears to be ropes? (see photos in above research paper)yes

6. Approximately when was the first rope seen?for years since childhood, but only the past three month have I became aware of what they were and have actively been trying to remove them.

7. Approximately how many ropes have been seen since the first rope was noticed?hundreds literally if they are passing whole but if passing segments then I have no idea.

8. What symptoms has the AI experienced in reference to the ropes?I believe they cause diverticulitis and effect diabetes.

9. Does the AI have a bloated belly on a regular basis?

10. Is the AI currently eating a cleansing diet high in raw fruits and vegetables? If not, what is the current diet of the AI? no I pull them out with P and B shakes works great! and also coffee enemas, tea tree enemas, eucalyptus enemas, but the food grade H202 enemas, and I drink aloe vera juice and also Dr. Morter B.E.S.T trace minerals in douches, enemas, and netty pot and 1 dropper full in juice and his colon cleanse, and eye bright in distilled water rinse them from my eyes.
also drink Indian fire bark tea.

11. Does the AI suffer from Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity (i.e. sensitivity to wheat, barely, oats or rye)? use to

12. Does the AI have food allergies or food sensitivities ? sulpha based drugs

13. Does the AI have behavioral or mood issues? use to detting more stable as I lessen my load

14. Have the ropes been seen only in stool or have they been seen coming out of the nose? Nose smaller ones in eyes, vaginal passed 2 very large stage 3 ropes after douching with dr. morter trace minerals, and rectally everyone is infested with them every where came out of salivaty glands after taking horse wormer.

15. Are the ropes appearing in the stool appearing naturally or are they seen with the assistance of home enemas or colon hydrotherapy (colonics)?Both

16. If enemas are used, what type(s) of enemas are used?
Tea tree oil, Eucalyptus oil, coffee, H202 enemas, distilled water, Dr. Morter trace minerals. Milk and lemon did nothing for me.

17. If Volinsky enemas have been used (i.e. eucalyptus broth, milk & salt or lemon) has the AI seen any effectiveness?
see above

18. Does the AI have a history of chronic constipation?
also diagnosed with IBS and I have diarhea and constipation off and on never normal until I lessened my load of these things.

19. Does the AI have a history of sinus issues, migraine headaches or breathing issues? yes all

20. Does the AI have a history of acne? If so, have Acne medications such as Accutane (a.k.a. Roaccutane) been used?

21. Is the AI currently suffering or recovering from Autism?

22. Is the AI currently suffering or recovering from chronic fatigue? yes

23. Is the AI currently suffering or recovering from Lyme Disease?no

24. Is the AI currently suffering or recovering from Morgellon’s Disease?

25. Is the AI currently suffering or recovering from any intestinal disease? If so, what kind? IBS, colon cancer in the form of polyps that were removed and diverticulitis recently.

26. Has the AI had a history of a weakened immune system? yes Hypo thyroidism and auto immune disease.

27. Has the AI had a history of taking Antibiotics ? Please note extent if possible. no

28. If Antibiotics have been used, please list the names of specific Antibiotics used if possible? was given flagyl that triggered me to notice the ropes in stool

29. Has the AI had a stool test(s) when ropes were present? If so, what was the determination? yes they said no parasites cause no eggs were found although I supplied them plenty of ropes and oather parasites after a parasite cleanse.

30. Does the AI have any symptoms of malabsorption in terms of an obvious lack of nutrients being absorbed in the small intestine (i.e. thin hair, thin nails, thinness)?

31. Has the AI used pharmaceutical anti-parasitic agents to treat the ropes? If so, which ones? Please note effectiveness. no

32. Has the AI used herbal parasitic formulas to control the ropes? If so, which ones? Please note effectiveness. no best remove with P and B shakes and some kinda enema to keep bowels moving

33. If the AI lives in the U.S., has the AI traveled outside of the U.S.? If so, which countries have been visited? no this is a world wide problem no travel needed to be infected I think processed foods and refined Sugar make them worse.

34. Do AIs residing in countries outside of the U.S. have any indications of a place they may have visited when a rope parasite exposure may have occurred? have talked to people in all countries and they are infected without leaving their country. Found in every continent think always been here but getting worse with high Sugar diet, processed and GMo foods.

35. Is there any other information that the AI or guardian of AI would like to include in this survey? parasites are in everything can't pin them down but being aware of them and continually cleansing and fighting them to obtain a small measure of health is a good goal. I think that if we reduce our parasitic load by 80 percent we can live normal lives but we will never be parasitic free nothing is. It would not be a realistic goal after all my research I know we can live with some. After lessening my load I am off all medicines except thyroid, have been diabetes free for 6 months so I think they slow and inhibit the pancreas so It will be a continuous effort to keep these things at bay. U can feel them in my muscles and scalp. If you know how to get them out of there let me know,

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