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Re: On my way to a better lifestyle
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: On my way to a better lifestyle

you've done a lot of fasting this month! It looks like your longest time on water- only was five days. And then a number of minor'breaks' of food. But a lot pf persistence, so, props for that.

How wonderful that you feel so much improvement! As to the early constipation--it boggles the mind. I can only think some Greater power keeps us humans alive, since it's hard to imagine anyone even living with the level of constipation you are talking about.

sad, too...

One thing you might want to look into, as part of your rebuilding a better lifestyle project, is putting a pinch of magnesium on your food--food grade Epsom Salts is fine, this tiny amount can be mixed in, and you will find it greatly regulates elimination. (most of us are nmagnesium-deficient anyway, so there is no fear ) Also, for certain you have been systemically dehydrated; please look at the body drought message I posted just down aways.(a video link)

That you are still so youg is a huge plus--because you can turn your life around completely. A fellow named Lou Corona was really messed up at about your age, and now at 60 or so he is the picture of health.

you might enjoy looking up his site. He speaks about *the four principles*, and they make alot of sense.

all the best

PS I think it may be very hard on a body to do so much fasting, broken up by so much food--not saying you ate a lot, but that what you did was not really allow your body the chance to get well into the serious housecleaning.
This back and forth is burdensome.
But actually, that may be a good thing, because unless you are now having superb eliminations, one for each meal eaten, and have cleared out a lot of the early crap too, pardon the word,
you would be better off before doing water-only for say, seven -ten days, to be sure the colon is quite clear.
That way you will avoid the misery of auto-intoxication.(from too much in the colon, being re-absorbed, and having the body not 'free' to use its cleansing resources for better, that is, many other things. :-).

Do make sure you are having plenty of water, daily.
and try to avoid the white glue type foods, like the pasta and such.

The great thing about a sustained water fast, of 7-10 days, water only, is that it can reset your appetite, and have you drawn to food that is REAL; unprocessed, fresh, ripe, raw and such. But again, if there is a lot of accumulation in the colon still, then the same exists in the cells, and this means that this residue keeps you hooked into craving the very foods that cause the most trouble. Just something to ponder, not to get upet about.
The main thing is, you are improving by the moment.

Keep going!

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