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difficulty digesting lecithin
snugglykindness Views: 4,911
Published: 7 years ago

difficulty digesting lecithin

i'v been having a very hard time digesting lecithin (as well as other fats which i think is secondary to the lecithin problem).

it all started when i went to my doctor over a bunch of problems i had been having with my potassium levels going to high and then to low and my mind was getting numb. my blood test results showed that my total cholesterol both LDL and HDL were very low.

i told him i had been taking about 10 grams of lecithin granules with every meal and he told me that it had lowered all my cholesterol and i had to reduce my intake to 1 tablespoon a day.

the problem with that was my anxiety started going sky high and my skin went very dry, itchy and flukey. the other symptoms went away from having low cholesterol but the anxiety was unbearable.

so i went and started taking 3 tablespoons of lecithin all at once one time a day (instead of 3 times a day) usually with a huge vegetable juice in the morning (being that it has no cholesterol to block i thought this would be the best way to take it). problem is it would take for ever to digest and then the more i did it the worse my digestion got to where it would sit in my stomach and not move for usually about 24 hours which means i cant eat anything cause my stomach gets full for a whole day and night.

so here i am stuck either i take the lecithin and it takes for ever to digest or i don't take it and i get high anxiety, panic, Depression and very dry skin.

i tried taking it with digestive enzymes, with ox bile, with lipase and nothing works it just won't go down and its making me home bound wasting time watching TV cause my head feels so heavy and i feel just miserable.

then i read somewhere that lecithin should not be taken with water, and taken on an empty stomach and them some say with food.

right now what i think has happened is i'v exhausted my gallbladder and it needs a rest cause it won't produce enough bile to digest this or other fatty foods.

i think its cause i'm taking the granules with about 30 ounces of fresh vegetable juice and it just can't secret enough bile in all that water. even if i take 4 grams of ox bile and lipase still it won't help.

what i would like to know is what is the best way to take lecithin granules?

what is the way to get it to digest the fastest and in my body so it doesn't sit there for hours and hours on end to possibly up to a day making me feel horrible with no ability to do anything but watch tv and waste my life away.

is there a certain type of food i should be taking it with?

i'm taking NOW Soy Lecithin which is NON-GMO and this problem only started when i started taking 3 tablespoons at once instead of 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

the amount of information out there on how to take lecithin is minimal and i can't live with out it and it seems like i can't live with it either. please help pretty desperate here this now seems to be the only problem really holding my life back and i want it to stop.

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