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Re: Anyone know any good IV chelation doctors in maryland/dc area?
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Anyone know any good IV chelation doctors in maryland/dc area?

Yes, your life problems were probably from being vaccinated as a child and continuously throughout your life(believe me, 1 shot at birth is all it takes to screw you up for life, look on owen's blog to see the 6 deadly ingredients in vaccinations). Those Antibiotics also are like nuking your body, which will toxify your liver and destroy your digestion, Antibiotics are just plain bad for you. The first thing that really helped me was liver flushing. I highly recommend you look into a popular health author Andreas Moritz , watch some of his videos on youtube or download some of his books or buy them, either way, lots of good info. Second, would to be to stop putting toxins in your body, whether it's coffee, sugar, salt(obviously I'm reffering to processed Sugar like High Fructose Corn Syrup and table salt ), pills your doctor is giving you, or any type of food that didn't exhisst 100 years ago......think about it, if we've been on this plannet for thousands of years or how ever long you think, then how could our body miraculously adapt to all the poisons in todays processed foods? Whether its soda, chips, gmo crops, you get the idea. Avoid Blood foods too, trust me, you'd be surprised how good you feel after you give up animal products and processed foods, and honestly that might alone be good enough to get you on your feet again(). Go out and get some fresh air too out in a park or nature walk or jog or something else, get your blood flow going, and go hug a tree, give thanks to nature and mother earth! Fresh organic fruits and veggies, clean water, GET AWAY FROM THE TV, get back into nature, and LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF. If you don't love yourself then how can you love anyone or anything else? Honeslty, Owen has a lot of information about detoxing heavy metals among other helpful information.


and so does a guy on youtube named Paul, his channel is Nyishar, I can't post his link but you can look it up.

Now that I've given you some info, go educate yourself. Learn everything you can, never trust anything that doesn't resonate with you first.

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