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I think it's working!
kim elizabeth Views: 3,941
Published: 9 years ago

I think it's working!

I'm so excited! It's to early to tell for sure, but I think that SSKI is going to make my 17 year old son well from depression.

Two and a half years ago my son had Antibiotics several times in a row and ended up with gut dysbiosis and some sort of histamine producing bacteria which has been causing him to be depressed. I have a blog which explains what I think the mechanism is by which the histamine causes his Depression ( It also tells about how another son has schizophrenia and is doing well off medications with supplements. (If the SSKI works on the depressed son and he is able to stay feeling well without high doses of SSKI after the treatment is over, I will try it on the son with schizophrenia, because I think that gut dysbiosis is a major part of the cause of his illness, too.)

It would take too long to explain how I figured all this out, but I know the people here will probably be willing to believe that histamine producing bacteria can cause depression. I figured out how to reduce the amount of histamine with supplements, but I could never get rid of all of it because the histamine levels were fluctuating when ever he ate and the enzymes of his body couldn't keep up with the changes.

So finally I realized that the only way to get rid of the Depression would be to get rid of the bacteria and we have already tried many things: GAPS diet, probiotics, Oil of Oregano and many others, even a home fecal transplant. We tried iodine, but only in doses of up to about 100 mg a day (mostly iodide), without success. I thought about Antibiotics , but since that was what made him sick in the first place, and the bacteria involved (he didn't get die off with antifungals, so I am pretty sure it is a bacteria) is obviously resistant to Antibiotics (I can't help wondering if it could be morganella morganii, which is known for developing resistance and for making histamine)I finally realized that it was Iodine or nothing that could help, except maybe a 21 day fast to starve the bacteria, but he is already underweight.

After reading about how gram doses were commonly used in the past for infections (and still are for some types of skin infections) I decided it was definitely worth the small risk to take SSKI in gram doses, since this problem is pretty much ruining his life. So 3 nights ago I gave him 250 mg of SSKI before bed, then the next morning I gave him 750 mg and he seemed to be having die off even with a lot of supplemental support (including extra selenium)so I gave him 1 gram before bed and decided to only give it at night for a while and the next day, yesterday, he still didn't feel too well, but then after I gave him a 750 mg dose in the evening he seemed to feel better. Then this morning I didn't give him any and he wasn't feeling too well, but then after I gave him a gram dose at 5:00 pm, by 6 pm he was feeling really good even though he had eaten right after the SSKI and usually he feels worse within 1/2 hour after eating! I guess that the die off is over and he feels best when the blood levels are high enough to keep the bacteria under control.

So I am planning to give him SSKI 3 times a day, like you would with an antibiotic, to keep his blood levels up. I am not sure what dose he will need, but his symptoms respond so quickly, I think they will tell me how much he needs, and how long it keeps working and I will give enough to keep him feeling good.

I will report later how it goes and how much I end up having to give him. I am not sure how long of a treatment he will need at higher doses but I will continue for at least 10 days or maybe longer, and then I think we will try another FT to replace the flora in his gut because I think he will need replenishment after all the SSKI. (We know a healthy 13 year old donor who has never had any antibiotics and who has always had an excellent diet.)

Does anyone have any idea of how long the SSKI treatment should continue in a case like this?

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