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Re: Candida? Parasite? I'm going insane.
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Candida? Parasite? I'm going insane.

First off, you can have dizziness, sinus infection, increased light, sound, and chemical; sensitivities shortness of breath, nausea, stomach issues, blurred vision, dry red eyes, heart palpatations, itching, stinging skin like your being stung and a yeast infection and thrush but the MD's for some strange reason cannot connect the dots!!! That is why you need an Naturopathic doctor or a Chinese medicine doctor or a MD that is an integrative Medical doctor. Ordinary doctor when they can't figure out it out they think antidepressant will make you lull you into forgetting. For every effect there is a cause, My chinese Medicine doctor said, that people can be tested for candida the test comes back negative, when they die an autopsy shows the person had severe candida infestation!

I read a great book about Candida First thing to do is go on the candida diet. Since Candida/ fungus loves sugar, that is why cancer patients are told no sugar, cancer is a fungus and is curable with baking soda injected into the site of cancer. Anyhow, sorry I digressed , so hit the candida hard. Start with a prescribed antifungal I read that you take diflucan one pill every third day only do this for three days so that would be three pills only this is the jump start you need according to my book. Know that Diflucan is so strong that women are given only One pill to take for yeast infection it is the one pill cure !

Protect the liver Take milk thistle, glutathione and do coffee enemas, this is because Diflucan makes your liver hurt so be careful consider castor oil packs on the liver area.

Then right after you finsh the diflucan go right onto a stringent herbal treatement. Take something to dissolve the biofilm such as caprylic pill or nattokinase then decide which candida elimanation plan you want to be on it seems the clerks at the cool organic stores, like whole foods or New Seasons seems to know a lot about what to do for candida they go to all sort of training on the stuff they carry . I think a visit to the ND or the Chinese Medicine Doctor can make a formula usually the homepathics ( Pau D’Arco, GSE, Oregano oil, garlic, berberine, Lugols iodine, caprylic acid .

Not a big price to pay for good health. Take Florastor and some other probiotics this will help and if you can find some time released caprylic pills you that really helps and the other suggest I've read about it CellFood this is also helpful for candida it gets oxygen into the cells, I read about Baking soda IV's that can really can kill candida I'm asking my ND About this, The key to success is to create a terrain that does not allow candida to grow .

Also drink 1/4 tsp baking soda in glass of water three times a day amd go to the sauna or take hot baths to get help your body detox. My MD/ND told me point blank that plant microbials are much effective, stronger than any pharma rx. Don't forget to protect yourself from the plumes that headed this way take Lugols Iodine this is also a great antifungal And consider a gentle parasite cleanse many like Hulda Clark s

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