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Re: Killing MYCOTOXINS - help please
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Killing MYCOTOXINS - help please

Does this actually kill the Mycotoxins and biotoxins? Myctoxins are not a bacteria or viral, mycotoxins are spores, so it is a fungus. To kill the fungus/spores you need 500 degree temperatures for an half an hour to kill this stuff, this is to illustrate, exactly what your dealing with. To get rid of it you must literally pick it up and move it outside, and place it at the farthest point away from your home and let nature keep in in check.

Here is the problem since it is microscopic how do you know you actually took it outside? Since it is not visible to the naked eye you have to come up with a method that kills them ALL every single spore!. So get ready with sprays, foggers, vacuum cleaners and air purifiers. You MUST wear safety gear: eye goggles and face mask. This is my line of thinking that a fogger or humifider will distribute the liquid into the air , the weight of the liquid in the air creates the weight you need on the spores and gravity pulls the spores down onto the ground, then you vacuum them up and make sure you double bag your vacuum or use a plastic garbage bag over the vacuum bag so not one spore goes airborne, when done take it all into the driveway and take the vacuum bag and put in another plastic garbage tie a knot and put in your garbage can. Then put on gloves and eye googles and now clean your vacuum with ammonia and water mixture with this stuff you MUST wear gloves! From my research ammonia seemed to have the ability to kill the byproduct of mycotoxins, there must be some SAFER stuff out there that has been PROVEN to kill mycotoxins byproducts. When your dealing with stuff all kinds of insane ideas begin to go through your head. All surfaces could easily be wiped down with water and ammonia . Sure would be easier if there was a way to detect the location, of the spores that would be plenty helpful. I read ammonia disintegrates the mycotoxins byproduct trichothecene . With ammonia you MUST WEAR EYE GOGGLES, AIR MASK, AND GLOVES. Safety come first always. Be safe now and you won't have to suffer later. You never ever want this crap on get on your body. So cover your eyes, nose, with an respirator air mask , just break down and pay for the masks and cover your entire body in one of the waterproof bunny suits, and always wear gloves I just cannot stress enough how important it is to always put your safety first!!!!
Some people are so sensitized to mold that they must just sell there homes and move. If you have a carpet it is trashed the mycotoxins are embedded in the carpet so just toss it into the garbage. I have come to believe that the best way to know for sure if mold is making you sick is to move out for a couple months I read that it takes two weeks to see a turn around anyhow , move out and leave all your stuff and even if you live in a tent . Now you will need all new stuff to be double sure it has no mycotoxins in it . Then you must get with the good doctor and tell him you want Cholestryamine this the mold medicine and few hours later you can take some other stuff like benonite clay and charcoal mixture to pull the mold . I have read of people putting in 1/8 tsp borax in liter of water to kill mold you do this four days on and three days off

Mycotoxins is fungus these are the types
Aflatoxin Trichothecene (produced by Stachybotrys) - Satratoxin-H, Vomitoxin and T-2 mycotoxins, ocharatoxins and Fumonisins - includes Fumonisin B1 and B2, lastly there is Zearalenone.

Does anyone know if there is anything in nature that will kill Mycotoxins and byproducts safely and effectively?

I certainly do believe in the power of essential oils and plant antimicrobial, but it is unclear to me if it has been tested in a lab to see.

Here is a couple things I researched,
Diluted Vinegar Studies indicated that white vinegar kills 82 percent of mold spores. Tea Tree oil in a fogger kills mold and of course good old baking soda diluted in water sprayed on all surfaces and left to dry then wiped the surface clean, then vacuum the area .Baking soda and vinegar mixed in water is pretty effective. Baking soda is effective at removing mold naturally . Take the mixture spray on surfaces let it sit and dry , then scrub and wipe with a damp cloth. Borax laundry detergent is pretty safe and from the studies I've read it is the one of the most powerful anti-fungal ever and appears safe to use in a fogger maybe with a couple drops of gse and oregano oil and tea tree oil mixture are anti-fungals.

If anyone has ideas please chime in...

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