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GIVING UP SMOKING.. and not only. TRY it !! :)
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Published: 9 years ago

GIVING UP SMOKING.. and not only. TRY it !! :)

GIVING Up SMOKING.. and not only..
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The Idea of ANY Achievement, be it Giving Up Smoking or Accomplishing something in your Life in a long/ short run, starts with a Mind SET that.. it is ACHEVABLE (!).

You Need to be MENTALLY READY to Make it All Happen in the ways You want and BELIEVE in Yourself (!).

While giving up a bad habit - be it smoking, alcohol, drugs, or unhealthy sweets (as it was in my case) - people Go Through so called ‘Withdrawal’ when you Really feel CRAP and become very Moody BUT.. GOOD news is – it is NOT (!) gonna last all the time. It is just a Necessary STAGE when your body is Getting Used to a ‘NEW YOU’ even in such a Harsh way. It is a Necessary and ‘Healing’ stage to go through. It lasts usually several days and then you will Feel BETTER.. and by then you will be So PROUD of yourself! GOOD feeling… REALLY. :)

In some cases like Alcohol and Drug use, you will need, most probably, seek for a HELP of some organizations or just others But.. The BASE of all that Success is - YOU. What YOU want. Please REMEMBER it. -)

I Personally never liked feeling like a MAREONETTE by going into junk and all those Sweets and I went NOT because I Enjoyed them but rather because I NEEDED At Least a ‘Temporary Fix’ to feel ‘better’ even in a short run. Did Not like that feeling.. Nah.. I just Wanted to CONTROL My Life, My Ways and do what I Wanted to Do really and not what I was ‘Forced to’..

A few days back I had a talk with one guy who also was trying to give up smoking. I was giving him the ideas (I am about to give you) and then I added: You know, now I do not eat those (unhealthy) sweets and I Can return to them ANY time I want but… I ALSO KNOW I may Not.. Do you FELL what did I mean to say here??... It is about the CHOICE, CHOSEN One.. Life will be FULL of stressful situations which will or Could PUSH you to Return to ’old ways’ and you Can also start doing it again by JUSTIFYING your Weaknesses in some quite Manageable situations.

But if you ‘fall out of wagon’, QUICKLY Pick Up Yourself (with Triple Determination!) and Keep Going Again.. IF (!) it is Important for you. -)

Actually there is one SECRET Not many people Aware of/ know about.. It WORKS in 99% cases as I feel..

The First thing is a BURNING Desire you can make it all happen despite some difficulties.

Secondly, the DETERMINATION to accomplish it Regardless (!)

Thirdly, you Need to VISUALISE Yourself SUCCESSFUL in it. FEEL it. BELIEVE it.

You Need Every Day SAY to Yourself with an EMOTION (!) in your voice – I CAN do it. I KNOW I Can. While pronouncing those words – BELIEVE in them with ALL YOUR HEART! Truly - Thoughts ARE Things..

If you BELIEVE in it and DO something about it – SUCCESS is very Close at hand (it will come soon). I am telling you all that from My PERSONAL Experience. -)

Next thing to be mentioned.

There are TWO ways to give up Smoking:

1) AT ONES.. In my case with sweets that is what I needed. I Believe people with Great Determination and Persistence could choose this one. Also may be it would be a choice for those ones who has Supportive family and the chance to be in a Peaceful environment (Not management jobs) or during vocations. Or for the ones who can't have it bit by bit, they either needs all that at one go or just do not have it at all.

2) GRADUALLY.. Say, If you smoke Every Hour.. then may be you could try to smoke a HALF of cigarette at the same timing (or every 45 min) and another half smoke another hour… Find YOUR way you most comfortable with and can Bare it THIS way. AND… Remember (!) GIVE Yourself and your Body TIME to ADJUST to this way Even IF.. you need to follow THIS way for couple of months or so in order to Move to ANOTHER level with LESS cigarettes! Even if in THIS case it will take you a Year to give smoking up But, ANYWAY.. YOUR Success will be WAITING for YOU even By Then (!). -)

Think about what will be 'you' and in what above mentioned case. You can try them BOTH.

Do NOT punish yourself if you slip down at times BUT, at the same time do Not JUSTIFY your Weaknesses far too often (!).. Do Not postpone/put aside it till next Monday or tomorrow (perhaps). If you decided then – the Time is NOW.

Be Mentally Ready for that 'Now'.

It is Really GREAT feeling when Eventually you will Make it Happen! -))

Ok, a Few tips of HOW to make this process ‘Less Painful’.. Lets Talk ‘Natural’!

*GINGER… Make sure you add it to your meals Not Only in powdered form but ALSO in a Raw (!) form. When added to your meals try to add it WHEN the food Cooled Down a bit (MAX 45 degrees by C) thus you will keep the Goodness and HEALING Properties of Ginger!

*PEPPER MINT and VALERIAN… Have peppermint tea (using Fresh leaves of it whenever you can) between the meals or 15 minutes Before meals. Valerian, as I believe for Calming purposes.

*CAYENNE pepper… EXCELLENT spice for may Healing purposes – candida, stomach problems, ulcers, parasites and now it also Helps in Giving up Smoking (and many more)! Add to your meals (and also you could have it by adding a bit to Warm water with some lemon juice and have as a First thing in the morning!).. so add to your meals in the amount you add chili pepper BUT again Try to add when the food Cooled down a bit (!).

*CLOVES… Apply on the Back of the Tongue to SUPPRESS Nicotine Cravings.. I suppose you need to powder couple of them EXACTLY before applying (Goodness of essential oils), though try to put a whole one and see how it feels too.

*CINNAMON… Decrease cravings for cigarettes. Again add this spice in a Powdered forms to your meals (Remember about the HEAT/temperature of food!)
More Information about HOW Cinnamon could help you to give up Smoking. Interesting article.

*STEVIA (in a Leaves form or Powdered Leaves form only!)… Some Studies have shown that it HELPS to Cure Smoking and Alcohol Addictions! .. For People with Diabetes – 1g of it per 70 kg of body weight (!) a DAY. It could be bought in some Medical / health Stores and I personally saw it in D-Mart in Tea section, I think.. for those who are from India.
More Information about Stevia and Giving up Smoking and Alcohol

*Hyssop, Ginseng, Lobelia, St. John’s Wort, Black Kohosh are also HELPERS in it..

*ORANGES… Relieve Anxiety.

*NUTS… Promote Healthy Arteries (ideally to be Soaked overnight – for Easier digestion)

Healthy Eating Habits would Help too! Some people put a bit on weight after they give up smoking - NO WORRIES. With Healthy Eating you will BALANCE it all 100%! It will All come in 'one package' HEALTH and Balanced Weight.

I would also Advise to start Jogging/running AWAY from roads in the areas with Fresh air! You DO need to ‘ventilate’ your LUNGS! Or at least Walk on FRESH air and BREATHE! Breath IN.. wait for some seconds and then breathe out. Let the Oxygen CLEAN your Lungs too!

If you think you Can do it – You CAN.. IF you Think it is Impossible for you – You are right.

Choice is YOURS. :)


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