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Re: Herbert M. Shelton and people quoting his literature
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Herbert M. Shelton and people quoting his literature


I promised to return to your statement above that "..colonics (enervating) are a waste of time as autolysis will use impacted feces as fuel during a fast, so again entirely superfluous."

Where did you get that autolysis uses impacted feces as fuel?

Autolysis applies only to living tissues that sustained irreparable injury. First the cell proteins are broken down by its enzymes and then --and you need to know this, for it sounds like you don't-- macrophages clear out the debris, while the still useful amino acids are taken up by the surrounding healthy cells. In contrast, what goes on in the GI tact is called digestion of food. It has nothing to do with autolysis. Or do you believe that digestion can go on for days and even weeks on end in humans? We ain't no pythons lol.

Lack of a purge at the onset of a fast, coupled with the lack of daily enemas is the cause of what you call "toxemia". The symptoms of toxicity from accumulated waste during a fast is malaise, weakness, headache, nausea, rapid heartbeat and, worst of all, inability to sleep. All this can be promptly alleviated by simply removing the accumulating waste from the GI tract. Healthy fasters poop on their own, at least every few days. Everybody else must resort to daily enemas. This is an absolute requirement in the Russian fasting clinics. In some, for the sickest people, the routine is 2 enemas a day, am and pm.

What most people do not realize is that metabolism goes on during a fast just like 'in normal life'. This means that metabolic wastes are produced all the time. People think that if they do not eat, nothing should appear in their GI tracts. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Even babies are born with poop. It is called meconium and it starts forming during the second trimester of gestation. Take a look at meconium on the net. It is almost black and oily -- looks identical to what fasters call 'black bile'. This is no old "impacted feces" but fresh metabolic waste produced during a fast. If not eliminated, some of its toxins will be reabsorbed back into the circulation.

Normally, when we eat, bile is reabsorbed in the last section of the small intestine. But during the fast, the liver dumps copious amounts of bile, especially during the first 2 weeks of a fast, starting with day 3. This bile is often black, and it contains lots of toxins. It accumulates in the transverse colon. If it is not eliminated soon, it congeals into a gross looking sludge. Because most of the ingested water is absorbed in the transverse colon, much of the toxins dissolve in it and are absorbed back into the circulation.

When urine turns dark, it's already too late. Not only the faster feels poisoned -- he _is_ poisoned and now his kidneys must filter out what should have been eliminated via the GI tract.

Again, metabolic wastes are produced during the fast and dumped, as usual, into the GI tract. Ignorance of this fact gave rise to the widely spread fallacy perpetuated by alternative would-be-healers that "everybody is carrying a couple of kilos of old waste". Don't you think it's strange that gastroenterologists don't see it? The fact is, a good purge results in 'squeaky clean' GI tract -- and thousands of people who went through colonoscopy prep can confirm this.

Your statement that enemas will cause the GI tract to atrophy and later not function on its own is not supported by the experience of hundreds of people whose fasting reports I read on the Russian fasting forum. For most, GI system after a fast works like a clock.

It's true though that no one likes'em enemas. Every faster is always on a lookout to find a good excuse not to do them. Well, some take activated charcoal or other adsorbents to keep the toxemia down. Still, the metabolic wastes must be eliminated. If a faster does not poop on his own, he must employ other measures.

People should realize that the gross looking poop they see during a fast is not something they had in them before. If they do enemas, at least they will learn how much metabolic waste is produced daily even when they don't eat.

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