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Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]
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Published: 6 years ago
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Re: Party in My Eyes [Worms? Bacteria? Fungus?]

I read your post with interest. From what happened to me, here is what I will share with you: I could see and still can see some things in one of my eyes that looks like a round dot with a tail on it. These keep re-appearing and then the body seems to dissolve them. I have no idea what they are, but suspect they are some kind of parasite. At first the round dot with a tail appears to be darker, then it slowly fades in black color intensity to a light gray, then is gone. The body appears to be taking care of it. What I had to do was a complete colon and liver cleanse, then the lymphatic dump happened. Then the body goes ahead on it's own and cleans out the blood and tissues of old, diseased cells, candida, and whatever else is there for microbial stuff. When you do this, the body has the ability to cleanse itself of old, diseased cells and as long as you keep up maintenance with an anti-parasitic, it can take care of all the rest of any parasites you may have. It's a long, drawn-out process of cleaning and feeding the right nutrients adding back the good intestinal bacteria that may take some people years, but it works to eradicate the parasites and any disease processes as the body regenerates with healthy cells and you keep any parasites from gaining a hold in the body by keeping up with anti-parasitic on a maintenance basis of every 3 days once the initial infestation is gone. The solvents make the cysts on the eggs of parasites dissolve and hatch within our bodies, so steer clear of the solvents as best you can. I have had a load of candida to deal with, other forms of fungus and staph aureus and whatever else for pathological microbes I do not know after cleaning out the main infestation.

This cleansing procedure cancels out the necessity for using any drugs. Drugs are hard on the liver as well as the rest of the body and pollute the body.
If the body is in a diseased state, there isn't much sense in addressing symptoms. Let the body eradicate any diseased cells, pathological parasites and make sure the nutrients are there so it can. The body, under these circumstances, cleans itself up. It's one sure way to eradicate all disease processes.
I discovered heavy metals was also one of my problems. Mercury from a huge tooth filling and several smaller ones. Drinking distilled water will help the process of getting rid of heavy metals. Have the offending teeth out so the meridian lines can open up and the body can detox in that area (per Dr. Hulda Clark 's instructions, too. She's right) Please see and understand that if your body has been cleaned out inside that it can now can clean out anything that causes disease on it's own. You may use herbals to help the process at any time during your trip through using this protocol which is based on the order of cleansing as to how the body works to get rid of anything of a pathological nature-- includes all disease: colon, liver, blood, lymph and tissues. What we who have successfully done this are trying to get across to others that it is guaranteed to work and restore your body to health. It gets rid of the pollution that will keep you from getting totally well in any and all respects. The body is a very wonderful machine. It can get well on it's own, once given a clean environment for the cells to work in, proper nerve expression that is the result of having a good chiropractor's help to keep it that way, and the nutrients that build it back up again to a state of health. The other thing we who have done this maintain is that it is of no use to chase symptoms around, because it just doesn't work. Get the pollution that is disseminated throughout the whole body gone.
No drugs or other chemical poisons added so the body is able to proceed with doing this in it's own fashion. The body is a very complex piece of machinery. Once given the chance, it knows more than we do what it needs to do to get well. This theory that works is based on what is taught in all medical colleges across the nation-the normal functioning of the human body as is found in Guyton's Physiology and Gray's Anatomy. So we have a natural healing paradigm based on the physics of cause and effect that definitely works 100% of the time for anyone. You just have to follow it, have faith it will work and take the time and effort to do it consistently until the job is done. Yes, it eradicates all diseases, including cancer. Then your body has to take time to rebuild itself.

The germ theory was finally discredited by Louis Pasteur. He finally said it wasn't the "germs" or bugs that caused disease, it was the environment in which they lived. Get it cleaned up and the immune system working properly again.

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