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Horrible nightmare I was raped, almost raped. never dreamed such before.
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Published: 9 years ago

Horrible nightmare I was raped, almost raped. never dreamed such before.

This segment of the dream started when I dreamed I was in my home, in bed, sleeping when a car pulls up.

I hear the car before I see it, as my bed is by a window. I lift my head up, peek through the window and see that it is an adult in the company of kids- All girls. Maybe ages 4-8. The kids are playing, making noise. I do not like the noise,I get up to confront the situation.

I go into the living room, of my home,to find not only are they already inside, but I see that the kids and adults are actually, my mom/aunt - the adult shifted between the two, and the kids were my nieces.

I started getting upset and yelling at my mother/aunt, that I had to work that night.
( In the real world I do works nights)

I cursed the adult pretty bad, used all sorts of expletives. The adult pretty much ignored me, as they wouldn’t leave with the children. They just say by idly, calmly, quietly. Letting the kids continue to play- make noise, laugh.

I kept shouting for her to get them the hell out of here, as I have to freaking work tonite! No matter what I said, how much I cursed, what nasty things I said, The adult didn’t respond back with anger, just passively, quietly took the brunt of my wrath.

At some point in the dream,. The adult and kids moved outside, onto my front lawn. It was bright, sunny out. Broad daylight. But things were no better with them outdoors, as I could still hear them.

I get angry, go out to yell, scream and curse at my mom/aunt, once more. I recall in the dream looking at one of the girls, she was sitting on the grass laughing, (not at me, or anybody. But just being a kid, laughing) Despite all my yelling, the kids don’t react. They continue to play.

O.K. I was going to leave this part of the Dream out, As it’s very horrible. And I hope it doesn’t reflect on me in real life: In the dream (I said some pretty nasty cruel things.)

I recall saying aloud to myself, “ where are the child killing pedos when you need them” I embarrass to put that in, but I really need help with this dream.

I turn to go back into my house. There’s no door, but a square window-like opening instead. I begin to crawl trough this to get back into my house. The opening is a tight fit. I get my body half way through when my mom, comes to help me squeeze the rest of the way through it. She pushees my feet.

I told her ( not to kindly) that I didn't need her help. didn't want her help. I get angry and turn around to face her. But it’s not her. It’s some black guy instead.

I think I felt fear at this point in the dream. He pulled me out of the window-like opening I was trying to enter. He also pulled the door shut behind him( adoor that suddenly appears now) concealing us off from the rest of the dream world. I knew what he was going to attempt. He was going to rape me. I pulled away, turned, and attempted to crawl back into the window. But he pulled me back out, and said something to the effect of “let this happen”

What’s disturbing even more than the rape, is that I started to think that, maybe if I let this P.O.S, rape me, that it would be that bad!!!! That’s sick!!! I would NEVER allow someone like the man in my nightmare to touch me in the real waking world! NEVER! EVER!

The man went on the say something to the effect of “ I’ve been watching you, and you’ve been lonely) He then began to start what he was there to do, I could almost feel him, but thank God I woke up. I have no Idea what this dream means. I’ve been searching the dream sites all morning. still looking, searching. I cant make sense of anything so far. maybe if a calm down a bit. If anyone has any insight it will be greatly appreciated.

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