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When Public Forums Become Hate and Attack Forums
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Published: 6 years ago

When Public Forums Become Hate and Attack Forums

I have seen this in the past with the HV and Tony Isaacs wars. HV would post tons of hate attacks in his own personal forum due to being banned from other forums. He had to remain in his forum.

I am a personal Friend of Tony Isaacs and I supported HV too. So as I sat back and watched the wars, I swore that would never happen to me. I am a lover, not a fighter.

I have in the past had my own wars and they date back to 6 years ago when this man attacked me over and over again in the Islamic forum. The mods would not help me because he was a long time regular here. I think he claimed he had some 5000 names on Curezone, so I was never quite sure when he was or who he was.

I have to admit I was deeply sorry things got so out of hand with HV as I was the one who suggested he come to Curezone and the man has so much knowledge. He taught me a lot and was the one who gave me information on Lufft (loofah leaves) for cancer. Before HV I had no physical or documented proof of its cancer treating properties.

So the Webbie sent out strong messages to all forums that Moderators should not engage in fighting and just use the dislkie buttons or the alert buttons. So as a mod here I cannot get into foolish debates and don't want to.

Whether a person has 500 aliases or 2 or 3 like some here on Curezone the webbie knows all and these futile fights are futile actually.

I have a hater on the webs and on Curezone too, lol. They went to Face Book twice, blogger twice, Natural News who banned them quickly, Green Med, Cancer Compass, and numerous other websites. They then went to every Kindle book I owned and attacked me and then went to the Hemani Amazon page and attacked me there and posted their nonsense of the oil being diluted.

So when the haters came to Curezone, they simply said go here or go there and they had a track record. Jennifer came here some 5 years ago and attacked me and many of the oldies remember those attacks. It was full of lies and propaganda but Luella May told me not to respond and I didn't. I let them lie as they would. Thinking this would all go away. But sadly it was brought up again 1 year ago. She was blocked 3 or 4 times I think and she finally went away. Her posts are still on Curezone in the archives and many of them were deleted by mods.

So blah, blah, blah, this is old news. The Black Seed Public forum was created so produce positive and enlighting information on black seed that was not dominated by the local bitch (maah), so they claimed.

I agreed and said time to concentrate on my stores. I have not seen the public forum to be anything more than a hate forum full of junk, copy and paste articles and lets not forget how to cure your toe post.

For many this was not enough. I just chuckled myself.

So now there is a lawsuit pending and people are protesting so much of their innocence which is normal. Curezone and public support forums are not the place for this. If the haters were banned from the personal attack forums or the conspiracy forums or the I hate The Black Seed Expert Forums it would be one thing, but they are not. The support forum should be full of helpful articles and tips on how to be well. From day #1 the forum was full of hate and until now.

I debated long and hard about posting emails, showing proof, giving more information as to my innocence and I realized and with the help of a local Mod here who guided me that I do not need to prove my innocence. I am not going to dignify these hate attacks or remarks. The courts will decide who is innocent and who is guilty.

I have been on Curezone for 5 or 6 years, I have posted more than 1000 articles, I have helped when I could and left when I felt the need a few times actually. These hate attacks called me back from my peaceful residence.

So am I being attacked by jealous mongers, stupid companies or just sick individuals? Don't care, don't give a dang. I do and will continue to do what pleases me. In the end I have one last thing to say on the subject and is a quote from a Curezone Mod who guided me.

" Again, take the high road. Make helpful posts. If you respond at all, make it the kind of post where you say that you just want people to know that there are haters who have an agenda against you who are spreading false information and, other than letting people know that it is going on, you are not going to further dignify their bad information."

With that I leave you to your world and to mine. This is my last post on the subject. I have more to do than be stressed by silly people with hate on their minds. So I can only say "Hasbi Allah wa Naema Al Wakeel" one 1000 times.

The Black Seed Expert

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