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A few questions regarding Gerson, Christopher, Schulze, Kelley protocols etc..
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Published: 8 years ago

A few questions regarding Gerson, Christopher, Schulze, Kelley protocols etc..

Trying to make sense of all this wonderful information. Any input would be awesome.

1.In terms of the pancreas which has 2 major functions...digestive and endocrine:

-Gerson had his patients take pancreatin (as well as acidol pepsin) to support the weakened pancreas (and stomach). Gerson says that diabetes is caused by cholesterol blocking the insulin receptors

-Christopher had some of his patients take his Pancreas formula which from what I can tell was able to 1. heal the pancreas and get his patients off of insulin and 2. increase the flow of pancreatic juice for digestion (this is somewhat of an inference). Do cedar berries increase the flow of pancreatic juice for digestion or is it primarily involved with regulating insulin and blood sugar? Is pancreas formula a better option than pancreatin?

-Kelley had his patients take pancreatin for digestion and to kill the tumors. Kelley said that cancer was an issue of protein metabolism whereas diabetes is an issue of carbohydrate metabolism (which is different from Gerson who said Diabetes is a cholesterol issue). Kelley allowed raw or soft boiled eggs before 1pm, and said that the protein from the eggs (as well as organ meat) was necessary for the pancreas to rebuild itself, and also gave the body 18 hours to rebuild its own pancreatic enzymes.

-Schulze didnt seem to be too concerned with the Pancreas (unless I missed something), and got his results from the aggressive use of his most effective protocols.

Which approach is most effective? Who was able to heal pancreata safer and faster? Is there any way to integrate these schools of thought to form a synergistic theory? I seem to learn more towards Christopher's protocol but I am only going off of a gut feeling.

2. There are some major differences in appropriate foods. Gerson has a strict protocol not allowing avocados, cayenne, ginger, olive oil, all nuts, all sprouts etc.. Schulze says anything raw vegan. Kelley was mentioned above.

Was Gerson just being overly cautious? Kelley thinks almonds are ok when soaked, but peanuts are never ok as they can make tumors grow. Kelley loves sprouts and Gerson forbids them. Schulze doesn't really care as long as its raw.

Are sprouted nuts enzyme inhibitors? Are other sprouts potentially harmfully to a weakened system? Was Gerson just not aggressive enough with his protocol to be able to allow certain foods such as avocado? Whereas for Schulze it didn't matter?

3. Gerson's theory goes back to Bio 101 and the sodium potassium pump. I would think that potassium broth would be better than the potassium compound that Gerson had his patients take. But man a supplement would make it sooo much more convenient!! Has anyone tried or had any experience with the potassium compound positive or negative?

4. Gerson used the thyroid and Lugol's solution whereas Christopher used the glandular tincture and kelp combo. Thoughts on this? Did they achieve the same results?

Thanks in advance for any input!!


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