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The debilitation of the human body due to a scabies epidemic
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Published: 9 years ago

The debilitation of the human body due to a scabies epidemic

I have previously been diagnosed with scabies; not sure how I got it. I have not been able to get rid of it and it just keeps manifesting. I notice other people are infected; I believe I have hundreds of thousands of mites on me by now. I don't know if I can ever get cured because everyone I'm around seems to be suffering from it also- family, friends, coworkers. Worst of all I can not get anyone to believe me. Below are my symptoms and the progression.

-Itchy, scaly, rash; can also appear as hives; or a couple of puss filled blisters.

-Rash eventually disappears but you still feel a crawling, biting, itchy sensation.

-Sensation in your nose like something is crawling into your sinuses.

-Sinus infection; severe cold like symptoms but no cold.

-Throbbing pounding headache that you can't get rid of; you go to sleep with a headache and wake up with a headache.

-Extreme sleepiness. You struggle to keep your eyes open even if you have had plenty of sleep.

-Pain in your eyes; then your vision starts failing; you start to see floaters, little specs of dots flying around; and your vision becomes blurry. You have to keep blinking to reset your vision to normal.

-Ear aches.

-Brain feels like someone is squeezing; like it's pulsating but this eventually goes away after a few months.

-abdominal pain; diarrhea and extreme constipation; extreme gas and bloating; belching constantly; a moist anus to the point where it can make your underwear wet.

-metallic taste in mouth.

-Soar throat but not a typical/normal sore throat.

-Fever and vomiting.

-A very thick almost suffocating phlegm;

-Your nose stops producing boogers and instead your sinuses pushes it down your throat causing you to constantly clear your throat "ahem"

-Pain in the back and in soles of feet and muscle spasms.

-loss of hair (I'm currently losing the hair on my head so if anyone has remedies please let me know)

-Eventually your skin because tough, wrinkles are emphasized and you can see the burrows with the naked eye.

-You can feel the mites jumping around on you.

I am 100% positive this is a scabies epidemic; I have contacted a Derm but he refused to look at me because I did not have an active rash and said he couldn't do a scraping because there was nothing to scrap.

I have witnessed fellow sufferers have their gallbladder removed; or start to have blood in their urine.

I have thought about calling the Center for Disease Control but I don't know if they will do anything and are scared they'll blow me off like the Derm did.

Not sure what symptoms are yet to come but no doubt it will further debilitate me/us. If anyone else is suffering from this please comment on my post.

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