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Iodine 8 weeks - Update
Jay77 Views: 4,985
Published: 7 years ago

Iodine 8 weeks - Update

Hey everyone,

Time for the 8 week update.

I was experiencing following symptoms:
- bad sleep
- fatigue
- moodiness
- diffuse hair loss all over my body
- chronic sinus stuffiness / runny nose
- would burn in the sun
- brain fog
- dark circles under eyes
- terrible memory
- Diarrhea
- stomach cramps
- stress, major anxiety
- dysthymia


Been on about 120-300 mgs of Lugols daily with 1-2 days off on the weekends, with all co-supplements (got lazy with magnesium and salt). taking only about 150mgs daily now. I also added oil of oregano 2 weeks or so ago. Results as of 2/3 days ago, is I feel ridiculously good.

It's been a long trip, lots of detox at the begining, extreme increased moodiness, anger, sadness, energy, lack of energy, increased anxiety, body odour, increased diarrhea, fatigue, wanting to just sleep, dream disturbances, feeling totally burned out, sore throat, crazy mucous, coughing, swollen thyroid and just wanting to quit among other issues:) I kept it up as I saw most of the symptoms improve over time. My skin improved the quickesy, then diarrhea disappeared, clearer thinking, better memory, mood stabilized after 4-5 weeks, less anxiety, less congestion, better mood and reduced hair shedding finally after 6-7 weeks (around same time I added OOO).

I added oil of oregano, 20-30 drops per day, when I got a chest/sinus infection a couple weeks ago. Not sure if it was caused by ACV that I was taking. Anyhow, it hammered me to crap, I was spitting up mucous, dried up post nasal drip, sore throat, spitting up nastiness etc etc and crazy crustied coming out one of my eyes (think I actually had an eye infection). Ive only the past few days come out of it and I feel really really good.

I feel alert, happy, and connected. It's crazy, I havent felt this good in a really long time - 10+ years. I want to jump up and down and run through the streets with this deep sense of happiness. Music sounds super amazing again to me too. I feel so good, it's almost too much:)

Combine that with my ex dumping my ass just a week ago, and us finally ending it yesterday, I just cant shake how good I feel. She lives overseas, and never got to see the new me. Shame really, wish she could, but I just joked around with her and accepted he wishes happily. Maybe in a couple months we can reconnect, but in the meantime, Im going to enjoy these new found feelings.

FYI - Im not feeling manic or anything, I just feel peace optimism and happiness.

You may think you're having terrible detox, or you're poisoning yourself, however now that I've gone through what I hope is the worst of it, I can say 100% it was worth it. And trust me I was really ready to call this a hoax and snake oil.

I guess the thing that kept me going, is the fact that I get really stinky and it went away almost right away, so bromide detox seemed very possible - and therefore this Iodine deficiency idea. Not to mention I can get Iodine for dirt cheap in Canada - so very little out of pocket.

Keep on persisting and Good Luck!

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