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Re: Fenbendazole dosage
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Fenbendazole dosage

and how you feel after febendazole, any better?
I ask because i aslo have Gardia Lamblia, I suffer on this since over 3 years, my main symptom at beginning was burping when i layed and wanted to sleep then i started have air coming from stomach and problem to burp it out-so some indigestion, i went to Gastro doc. and had gastroscopy where it showed inflammation on duodenum and not H. pylori, so she -doc said its reflux and perscribed Ipp-omeprazole-after them was even worse- no digested food, problem with it and so i stoped it. And started do herbs like curuma, oils but nothing helped, this year i starrted taking herbs in poland called:balsam kapucynski it has propolis in it, and i started to be very ill- heart started pounding like idk , had infalmmation of all intestins, huge bloating that i had problem to breath, and huge hypoglicemia that had to eat every hour but my stomach was pulsating and couldnt eat almoust so only 1 bite and it was stuck there and pulsating someting in stomach and i was panicking, and had dizzines, that last maybe few months until was little better, but still was dizzy and still not digested and then made poo test in one lab coz thought i have parasites - came negative only that candida have then i made after some time in other lab and came out i have LAMBLIA -cysts. So i bought in mexican pharmacy zentel and first not took it as i was so afraid that will be worse,then was so bad with that digestion some werid pains in stomach, cramps in mussles too, dizzines and heart palipitations too that i finnally took it for 5 days 400 mg, at fist I saw it helped with that werid pulstating in stomach near heart- but rest symptoms stayed, and major one - dizzinesm, bloating in night and when sleep, still burping at end of day but little less, still dizzines but maybe less then before, i started taking probiotics, but i have also lactose intolerance so some are bad as have milk. Sour kraut too. I avoid uncooked vegetables and fruits as then i burp.
doctor perscribed me for it metronidazole for 14 days 3x a day 250 but i took only 1 day and saw that it pulsate more and heart is weird feeling, so i stopped and maybe will try soon. I also have that furazolidone - from mexico but in syrop-luqid and as u said jazzydude it make big side effects so now i afraid to take it as i have weak heart, and when i sleep someteims i get fast pulse and it wake me up, and heart then beat weird.
In a week i go to cardiologist. I was very ill and still am ill, i not sure though if its only Gardia or maybe I have lyme as few years ago was beaten by tick few times, and 5 years ago i started feel tingles in hand -one small finger little numb, then it gone and now also have this werid symptom that my hand left one at end ofday get pale , veins dark gets, and then tingling in all hand and shivers in body and i feel then weak then it gone.
Do u have also it? Do you still have indigestion, burping or not? Do you have high pulse and feel like heart beat - I have it many times then i feel like not much time left to fight,
I tried one time Buchner andrographis herb but had after it vomiting and headache-not for me.
In past from that lamblia i vomitted every day for exaple after dinner-didnt know why, now i know why, coz i ate also raw food and then it was indigested. Now i not vomit but i feel like my intestins are bloated and i forgot to say that i had loose stools after that herbs in february, then they after 2 months were little more normal but still i see indidtested things in it. Few weeks ago i ate raw coconut as I read that it fights lamblia and candida- had huge indigestion and high pulse again after it but it gave me strenth and i maybe soon eat again. Now i not take pills as wait till i will have more normal bacteria-healty. But i know that will have to take pills again but I afraid that will be again more bloated. I was all life chocholate addict-maybe that why?
I think that maybe I got it after my cat-sister gave me cat in january 2010 and i started burping at april so maybe its from him but i dont know.

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