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Re: Calcium Therapy

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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Calcium Therapy

Dear PM Rosemary9,

Hi, I see you are still working your teeth problems as stated: gum pockets are getting more shallow.


Loose teeth is evidence of inflammation and pending tooth/gum infections abounding within mouth. I had discussed about the use of a chewing-rag technique when using magnesium chloride for cleaning of teeth in many beesting letters posted at //

I still do this technique, for a few days, after witnessing some blood-letting upon my toothbrush. If blood present, I then feel about the mouth for the loosened tooth, then concentrate my chewing-rag efforts at that location inside mouth.

I am using a 6 percent solution of MgCl (please note: my daily intake of MgCl is 25ml, and have been taking it for over 7 years to date), for it works very well against candida still living within my saliva glands. MgCl solution also cleans the entire digestive tract and urinary tract of all candida, with the help of an important herb called, blood root powders (always in encapsulated form). I suspect 50 percent of the adults in USA are infected already. The medical doctors really 'go to the bank' on this infection!

With candida colonies established in my saliva glands (i will kill them sooner or later), spores get poured internally into my digestive tract and externally (nightly during sleep hours), onto my facial skin barrier (see good results using MgCl and Blood root powders posted:beesting,candida).

The 6 percent formula is 30 grams of MgCl crystals (laboratory grade – can buy on within 500ml of purest water (D.I. preferred). Use glass container with protected lid and no metal contact with mixing tools. I have discussed all this at //
Keywords: beesting

By using this simple chewing-on-the-rag technique, that is soaking and chewing said rag (1 inch square) between uppers and lowers (teeth), the Mgcl liquids do slide downwards the teeth and way below "the entire gum line." This simple cleansing procedure does remove ALL the "exposed" plaque and living bacteria and other parasites of the saprophytic kind upon contact (above and below gum line). The plaque is basically “melted down” upon contact with Mg cations. All medical doctors known this, but dentists prefer not discussing. If this secret gets out -- dentists will be going to the bank less often! Just think, cleaning your teeth once every five years or so!

Remove the chew rag when no liquids are dripping onto your teeth, and then replenish the same rag -- over and over -- with more fresh MgCl solution. Repeat this cleansing task for about 10 minutes nightly. Then trash your chewing-rag and MgCl.

Repeat this task for a few days, even a week to stop the bleeding and tighten-up the gum line (free of inflammation problems) around the tooth's base/roots. Each week, do check your toothbrush for blood-letting of any kind just after brushing! This way you will be actively pre-protecting your entire mouth from invaders/infections, over time, eventually regaining a firmed up gum line/teeth environment --yes -- likened to having "youthful" and "useful" teeth once again.

Also, please consider doing a simple sugar-jar test for candida of the mouth. Why? For candida can easily invade your gums (instructions in beesting,candida). If you are positive with candida, you will need to be more concerned about your entire body from now on.


p.s.1. In regards to calcium therapy, the body has different uses of calcium. The living kind is calcium locked into bone marrow. The non-living kind is calcium of the plaque kind. The immune system uses the latter type of calcium for quick fixes through-out the body, in the form of plaque “patchwork.” Arthritis is one “quick-fix” form of buildup upon skeleton-body parts, and dental plaque is the other buildup upon teeth. Both are visible to the eye: for example claw hand in case of arthritic pain, and cavities on teeth above and below the gum line.

In fact, the entire body contains “free floating” calcium, so the immune system (it is everywhere) can make immediate repairs within zones called, “damage zones!” These damage zones are “hot spots” for the immune system, due to excessive work and play of the body itself. For example a tennis player may experience pain in elbows, marathon runners in their knees and so on! The immune system is tasked at keeping all body parts in a state of well being, and the use of calcium (free-floating kind) allows a band-aid type repair in the moment! And after continued (long-term) repairs in the making, the immune system has managed to damage the body, in its hast!

The taking of chanco piedra, a south american herb, two weeks out of every month of the year will remove much of this excessive free-floating calcium from the body (called stones). This herb is called, the rock breaker in English, and is well known for removing stones in all major organs of the digestive/urinary tract. And the taking of this herb for many years, stops the uncontrolled-self-wetting in the golden years of old age. Why? Because persons do damage to their urinary bladder, especially the sphincter muscle allowing urination! In other words, this muscle gets its own plaque depositions placed within by body's immune system – for it has been marked a DAMAGED ZONE for its misuse over the years by its owner!

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