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Rope Worm Update 1

Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses


Blood Worms?
Hulda Clark Cleanses

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Published: 8 years ago

Rope Worm Update 1

It's been over a month now since the first large Rope Worm exit. After that experience I embarked on attempting to accomplish Gubarev's enema schedule. I did the best I could and had I presume a over a gallon or more of Rope Worm stages exit. The mucus/fungus yada yada theory does not hold firm with myself right now...because of the thickness, movement and compared developed stages. A human body (in my opinion) could not produce/secrete this much solid matter naturally. From what I can tell these Ropes have most likely filled my intestines for years/decades to get to the place of auto-immune hyper infection that Iv'e experienced. The first thing that comes to mind is the introduction of genetically modified yada yada in 1996, mentioned in Kalcker's "Forbidden Health" speech.

I feel if the intestines are approx. 28 ft. and I have excreted (a guess) 7 feet of the solid/mature Rope matter then I still have 21 ft.or less to go. What is REALLY upsetting to me right now is the Science to resolve this nightmare will most likely not be of value (to mainstream med) or take years to address.

At this time...My food sensitivities are gone and I have my energy back. For over a month I was symptom free and felt like a teen again. However, I feel the remaining Ropes have descended (after the exit of the others) and the toxic release has gained strength. It's as if other sections slept for awhile recouping from the course of med/enemas I was undertaking. I feel strongly that it is a living entity for the fact that the movement of a large part of my upper intestines coincides with symptoms, and ingested remedies. Now that I understand what I'm dealing with I am able to keep it disabled to keep my immune system from going into action again.

I have spoken with a couple of others who have tried Water Fasting for over 2 weeks and have still not effected the upper intestinal Ropes, which leads me to believe it can survive any diet (think I've tried them all). They most likely need only water, minerals (rapid aging) our oxygen intake (hence toxic build up) and other nutrients etc to survive....Seems like a kind of plant-like biological mix; almost like seaweed that flexes/moves....Grrrrr.....The Worm theory is hard to grasp when you've analyzed so many specimens.

A gentlemen from overseas mentioned a month long regiment of parasite meds mixing them all, which seems to be what they are doing in his Asian country. There's also Scabdraggr's protocol which seems less toxic. This is really SAD but I have been searching for natural slug/weed remedies to know avail, all seem too ridiculous/silly/toxic to even consider----actively researching helps with optimism :)

It seems at this time...some who are aware of this mess are using Chlorine Dioxide to relieve symptoms (ingesting and enemas) in my opinion this must supply the extra oxygen that is not fully being absorbed in our bodies (Rope sufferers) anymore on a cellular level.

The remedies I am using/alternating at this time if there is need to suppress the action/toxic release of the Ropes randomly are: Oil of Oregano (last for a few hours), Diatomaceous earth, DMSO topical, food grade 35% H202 5 drops in water, a couple drops of Eucalyptus Oil or tea (great when this thing wakes up around 2am)...HCL, ACV, and yogurt/dairy! Which I can finally eat tons of after years of dairy allergies :D

This is my personal experience/knowledge only and I am not in any way claiming to have any scientific/professional medical knowledge...just sharing.

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