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Re: PLEASE advise! Ascaris scattered. Then I started albendazole protocol.
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: PLEASE advise! Ascaris scattered. Then I started albendazole protocol.

Tues 5 Nov 2013

Thank you all so much for your responses. It is alarming to hear that some people are battling Ascaris for months, with drugs protocols, and still not getting rid of it.

I sought medical attention when I passed the large round, white worm, a year ago. I saw several doctors and was in the emergency ward at a local hospital. Twice. All of them told me there is no such thing as a worm in the digestive system, that I should just take an over-the-counter “worm tablet” (which I had – mebendazole – which had not done anything, just caused massive constipation and upset stomach).
The doctors at the hospital tried to tell me I had a psychiatric illness and tried to do a very amateurish psych assessment and wanted to get me committed to the psych ward.

They prescribed laxatives including a preparation that is only used before surgery or colonoscopies. That preparation inflamed/burnt my digestive system to the point where I needed morphine for the pain. I spent months eating only mashed, cold foods and trying to repair my digestive system. Then the Ascaris came back.

So, no, I can’t see any point in seeking medical attention. Been there, done that, and look what happened.

I've solved many other health problems on my own - when doctors told me there was nothing wrong with me. It looks like I'm on my own with this one, too.

I caught this Ascaris infection from a sick cat. I may have other parasites as well.

Apparently the eggs of toxocara catis are invisible to the eye.

I need to find out more about toxocara canis, in case I have that.

The only evidence I have, fits all the descriptions of ascaris lumbricoides (common roundworm, found in humans). I may have other parasites, too. Who knows?

The parasites scattered after I took levamisole (1 week ago). After the second dose of levamisole, I took Epsom Salts to try to clear out the digestive system. BIG mistake. The digestive system just became more blocked.

A few hours later I began to have the crawling symptoms in other parts of the body. Up to that point, I had not understood exactly what people meant when they said “scattered”. Now I know. Boy do I know what it means.

Deesmiles, you say you had a “scattered nightmare”. Sorry for asking so many questions, but, here goes:

Did you have ascaris (as well as what you have identified as

Which parasite scattered?

What parts of the body did it scatter to?

Did the fenbendazole wipe out the parasites in other parts of the body?
(I thought it worked only on the respiratory system and the digestive system. I have scattering to areas other than that, too.)

Several times in recent weeks, I tried to find scabdraggr’s fenben protocol. I can’t find it. I’ve looked through lots of his posts. Cant find it. Maybe I’ve missed it. Has he written up a full, detailed protocol somewhere?

dpk, thank you for the suggestions. Mebendazole worked a bit at first, then did nothing. When I upped the dose, it made symptoms worse. That was before the parasites scattered.

Mebendazole caused the itching to turn to aggressive biting. I nearly lost my mind, being bitten to bits.

dpk, you say most of your ascaris is outside the digestive system and that the Madasgascar cloves are helping.
What dose of the cloves are you taking?
How often?
How are you taking them?
Which parts of the body have lesser symptoms since taking the Madagascar cloves?

I am reluctant to take bloodroot as there are apparently a number of safety concerns with it. I need to do more research. Thank you for the suggestion of coconuts.

PocketLady, thank you very much for the info and encouragement.


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