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Re: My sisters results came back from the lab
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: My sisters results came back from the lab

What is Morgellons?

Morgellons is a very complex and controversial disorder. Though you may read many things about its origin on the internet, please be discerning on what you choose to believe or not to believe.

Morgellons is a disorder in which raised lesions appear on the skinís surface. Most cases will also present with strange crawling sensations, severe pain, pin prick sensations, and severe itch. In advanced cases fibers are found emerging from the skin. These fibers can be blue, white or even red. Clear or black granules can emerge from the skin as well.

What causes Morgellons?

Morgellons is known by another name. Neuro-Cutaneous Syndrome (NCS for short) is caused when your body has an allergic reaction or sensitivity to something in your environment, or in your body itself. Dr. Omar Amin has conducted research in treating patients with NCS and has a recovery rate of 100% in those who follow his protocol. His research has indicated that the majority of NCS cases are due to patientsí sensitivities to dental materials that are present in their mouths from prior dental treatments. There also have been cases identified in which an allergy to silicon can be the culprit. Paint fumes, recreational drugs such as crystal meth, industrial environmental exposure have also been linked to NCS.

Each individual has a unique body with unique sensitivities and reactions to different substances. NCS sufferers will physiologically react to the toxins in their bodies and the lymph in their systems will carry these toxins. The toxins are then pushed out through the skin causing painfully slow healing lesions.

What are the Fibers and Granules?

Complicating the condition further, the open lesions are vulnerable to secondary infection from fungus, bacteria, and also parasites. Though NCS is not contagious, some of the secondary infections have the possibility of being contagious. For example the author had a secondary staph infection of her lesions. No one contracted a staph infection from her, but she still washed her hands regularly after touching her skin especially. Most peopleís immune systems are quite capable of fighting the infections as they do not have slow healing open sores that leave them more vulnerable to such conditions.

The fibers can be produced one of three ways. First, the blue fibers are generated from the NCS suffererís cells. The cells will produce these keratin strands as a reaction to becoming severely inflamed.

Rotifers, which are simple water borne insects can also infect the skin. Their appearance is like that of a clearish/whitish thread. Other parasites such as collembola, more commonly known as springtails, are attracted to your skin as well. Alternatively, white threads can also be produced from fungi and bacteria.


STEP 1: You need to obtain a lab test called a Clifford Test which will test your bodyís reactivity against over 10,000 dental materials. To have this test drawn, you need a medical professional to order the test for you. A medical professional could be a nurse practitioner or a doctor. If your general practitioner will not order the test for you, you can talk to the local hospitals outpatient lab, the health department, or simply go to the walk in clinic. The medical professional must write a letter on his/her offices letterhead asking the following company to send a test kit for the Clifford Test.

Clifford Consulting & Research

Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday 8:00am - 4:00pm Mountain Time

Friday 8:00am - 12:00pm Mountain Time

Closed Saturday & Sunday

Office Phone:

Office: (719)550-0008

Fax: (719) 550-0009

Email Address:

Mailing Address:

Clifford Consulting & Research Inc.

P.O. Box 50318

Colorado Springs CO. 80949

The price of the test itself will be about $274. The fee the medical professional charges for drawing the blood is not included in that amount.


After the medical professional receives the results from the Clifford Test, ask him for a copy. Compare your dental records with what the test shows you have reactivity to.


Replace all fillings, implants, etc. that may be the culprit. This should be done at a holistic dental office. You may find a holistic dentist in your area by going to this site.

If you can not get to a holistic dentist, please explain to your family dentist about what you need to have replaced. Ask him to replace the materials you are sensitive to with materials you are not sensitive to. He should use a dental dam, which is a blue piece of rubber fabric that will keep any of this material from accidentally slipping down your throat. Only one or two fillings should be replaced at a time as removing more will increase your exposure to the materials you are trying to get out of your system.


Take the following supplements to assist your body in detoxing:


Amino Acid Complex




Treating the Symptoms:

1. Apply a lidocaine containing burn relief spray to affected area. These type of sprays can be found at any drug store or even walmart. Here is a product that has worked for the author: Solarcaine Aloe Extra Relief Spray.

2. Oil of Oregano mixed at a ratio of 1 drop oil of oregano to 12 drops of olive oil helps immensely and can be applied as often as needed. You can increase the oil of oregano in your mixture to suit your tolerance to the strength of this potent oil.

3. Ivermectin is an antiparasitic used to treat scabies and leishmaniasis. It is a broad spectrum anti-parasitic. In other words, it will kill a wide variety of parasites. A doctor may prescribe this for you under the name of Stromectol. Controversially, this medicine can be obtained at your local Fleet Farm in the form of horse paste. It will be located in their equine or horse section and cost roughly $3. Some sufferers have experienced relief from gnawing, burning pain by either applying this paste topically or taking it internally. The paste comes in a tube that is marked so that a person could use their weight to gauge how much to use. I will not recommend using anything that is meant for animals on humans. I do want the reader to know that I have been desperate enough to try this and it has provided much needed relief.

4. Other Essential Oils. Mix one part lavender oil to one part olive oil to one part rosemary oil. Apply liberally. One part of cedar oil may also be added to detract parasites. Neem oil has benefits, but has to be diluted greatly ( 1 to 20 ratio at first) as it is very potent.

5. Apply any brand of Heal-All Salve liberally. VERY gently scrape the affected skin with a clean finger nail after waiting at least 5 min.

6. Volcanic Ash mixed with honey. This can be used as a mask. Leave on for as long as possible then wash off. Greatly speeds the healing process.

I am writing a longer version of this protocol in book form. It will be published on This needs to be out there free for people who deserve to know what is causing their symptoms. There is so much more I need to add to let you know about my experiences, trials, and errors with this disorder. I feel that God really wants me to get this information out there tonight, so here it is in a nutshell. Thank you for reading and may God help you heal well.

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