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Realizations & Cravings...
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Published: 17 years ago

Realizations & Cravings...


Today is day 12 for me. Like many others here, I decided to do Master-Cleanse because I want to break my bad eating habits, as well as my addiction to bread (and bread-like products such as cookies) and chocolate. I'm hoping that, knowing I have a nice, clean digestive system and having lost some weight, I'll be encouraged to eat in a more healthy, nutritious manner.

I'm realizing that eating habits are a choice just like anything else. Five years ago I made a choice to stop drinking alcohol because I didn't like the way it made me feel. Why not do the same with food?

I eat fast food because I hate to cook. I don't like thinking about food, planning for food, deciding what I'm going to make, what I need to make it, going to the grocery and buying it, shlepping it home, putting it away, taking it out again when meal time comes, spending the time to prep it and cook it, then eat and clean up afterward.

Not when I can roll up to a speaker, say "Yes, I *would* like fries with that", hand the guy a five, get my hot food, and be done eating by the time I get home! Bag in the trash and I'm done!

But I've found that the more, ahem, mature I get, the more I can FEEL in my body the sodium, the preservatives , the guck that's in fast food, and even some restaurant food - and canned or microwaveable foods.

One week, I had four conversations with four different people where they brought up the subject of eating and nutrition. I figured it must be some kind of sign. The fourth person told me about the MC. I researched it online, spent a week mentally preparing myself, then dove in.

It's been much easier than I thought it would be, and I feel GREAT! Plus I've lost about 10 pounds so far, and two inches off my waist and hips, one inch off both my thighs. Bonus.

The first day on the cleanse I had a craving for pop-tarts SOMETHING AWFUL!! The second day was a little better, and by the third day, just like the text said, I wasn't desiring food anymore. The evening of the eighth day, I started craving pizza a little, and I haven't eaten that for years. I think it's just because there were a lot of pizza commercials on tv that night, though.

Which also made me realize how much and often we are surrounded by images of food. How much our socializing revolves around eating. And how often I put food in my mouth even when I'm not hungry, just because it's there, or because I simply want it. And I discovered that, even though I never dreamed I could, I can walk by chocolate and not eat a piece. And I DON'T need to eat a bag of chocolate chip cookies because I'm hormonal.

I realized that I wouldn't put a bag of chocolate covered raisins in my car and expect it to run right, so why do I think my body will?

I realized that if I can know what I need for the MC, go to the grocery store and buy it, shlep it home and put it away, take it out every morning, take the time to prep and make the drink, drink it, and clean up afterward - why can't I do that with food?


Now that I'm on my 12th day, I'm playing it by ear. I feel great, much lighter, but my tongue is still somewhat coated, and I'm not passing mucous, which makes me wonder if I haven't cleansed enough toxins. I'm definitely staying on til Sunday - day 14. I may continue another week, til day 21 - or longer, but I'm starting to want the activity of eating.

Today I'm craving salad.

I think that's a good sign.

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