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Re: low stomach acid cause?
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Published: 5 years ago
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Re: low stomach acid cause?

Low stomach acid means low intrinsic factor levels which affects Vit B12 absorption and that is what has a knock on effect causing a deterioration of the nervous system function from my understanding. B12 is required for maintaining the myelin nerve sheaths.

All this shows in the iris of the eye. I find it invaluable for showing the state of my health and nervous system. I have Hypochlorhydria and have been that way for over 20 years. It's only very recently that I have realised where my problems originated. I had acid indigestion over 20 years ago when eating protein meals. Took the antacids like everyone does but what was needed was more acid.

Looking in my irises shows a grey ring around the pupil which indicates deterioration of the nervous system in the stomach. Motility as well as stomach acid can be affected. If you cannot focus up very close then it won't show you anything. A mirror with a x3 magnifying glass can help if you are able to focus near the end of your nose.

Therefore not taking HCL capsules is what is holding back your stomach and nervous systems recovery! No/low stomach acid also affects the overall digestion and assimilation of nutrients which also contributes to many problems. Acid also keeps the stomach and small intestine clear of colonisation by bacteria/yeasts/fungi which contribute to bloating and fermentation within the small intestine which should not be happening! Therefore, without acid you are going to face an almost impossible task of restoring health. That means purchasing HCL capsules and it doesn't mean dependence!

Dr Campbell McBride's GAPS diet is designed to restore the digestive system, restore stomach acid production and resolve dysbiosis. Personally, I think it needs a bit more help to get there at a faster rate. I take HCL capsules on an empty stomach to aid in destroying organisms in my stomach and small intestine. For a time, it might be worth considering AVC or lemon juice in order to help clean up your stomach. It should help resolve the bloating which is caused by fermentation in your stomach and small intestine! I also take Methylcobalamin 1mg x2 soon moving to 5mg x1 which has helped me in a number of ways. Hopefully it will benefit my nervous system as well and remove one of the limiting factors holding things back.

Dr Campbell McBride in her book recommends beef (organic) soup stock with large bones cut in two, knuckle bones and tough meat boiled for long periods of time and then eaten on a very regular basis. There are many very similar recipes on the internet if you search for them and they do claim that it helps the digestive system.

Try and find the cheapest source for HCL! Get some in stock or purchase in a fairly large quantity. I've just found a source that is quite a bit cheaper than my previous sources. It's UK so not much help if your in the states.

There is lots of valuable info on Dr Myhill's site so it's worth looking at.

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